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The Answer Brewpub

The Answer Brewpub in Richmond, Virginia grew out of founder An Bui’s love of craft beer. Bui had been catering to beer enthusiasts in Virginia for a long time with the extensive beer menu made available at his Vietnamese family-owned restaurant, Mekong, since its inception in 1995. Mekong had gained mass repute for the rare and international beers it served to its customers. In 2014, An Bui decided to explore his passion for craft beer further and opened up The Answer Brewpub, his own craft brewery. The Answer Brewpub is not only a star-studded addition to the Richmond beer community with 56 taps and 2 bars, but it also serves as a great venue for live events with its spacious and tech-abled stage area.

The Answer Brewpub believes that beer is the answer to your question. Besides its own craft brews made using its 5bbl system, more than 50 guest taps are made accessible to visitors. Bui’s experience in running a restaurant reflects in the food availability customers can enjoy at the brewpub. The food alone is a good reason for you to visit The Answer when in Virginia. You can select from an eclectic menu offering everything from your regular pub grub to unique Vietnamese fare and pair away with your cold brew of choice.

If you don’t have the time to sit around and enjoy a drink, you can get crowler fills of your favorite brews at The Answer to take back home and experience at your leisure. However, we do recommend a visit where you can spare a few hours. After all, live music is provided on the house every Monday night. Also, if you’re a fan of pub merchandise, you can pick up your share of The Answer t-shirts, glassware, hats, and more on your visit. We’re not exaggerating; The Answer is truly worth your visit.

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Beer Availability

It doesn’t matter what kind of beer you like – The Answer, Richmond serves it all. You can visit this brewery for your fill of hazy IPAs, fruity sours, or full-bodied stouts anytime. The IPAs at The Answer are poured for customers straight from the tank, the sour ales are filled with various fruits, and the stouts give you a flavor punch you wouldn’t expect. If you’re wondering which beers are currently available on tap at The Answer, we help you out below:

  • (enter description here): 6% ABV, American IPA, hopped with cashmere and citra hops. The beer presents a foamy head and a rich color. You would not mind ordering a second glass of this tasty pale ale.
  • Life of Slice: 5.5% ABV, Pale Mexican lager.
  • Corporate Severance Package: 6.5% ABV, New England IPA, yeast-fermented and double dry-hopped with Citra all the way through. You can expect a juicy and fruit-forward IPA taste.
  • Detect the Presence of Glycol: 8% ABV, Double IPA, which blends Citra, Summer, Nelson, Centennial, Simcoe, and Mosaic hops. The drink starts out with a distinct bitter flavor but rounds up with a fruity finish.
  • College Fund: 8% ABV, Imperial IPA, dry hopped with Simcoe, Citra, Centennial, and Falconer’s Flight. This brew has flavor notes of pineapple and gummy bear.
  • H.U.B.A.: 8% ABV, Double Black IPAm double dry hopped bitterly with Columbus.
  • Colonel Angus: 10% ABV, Double Milk stout, sweet with the scent of freshly baked cake and milk chocolate.

A range of different in-house stouts and sours are also available at The Answer, in addition to the ones listed above. If you’re wondering about the guest brews, allow us to notify you about a few of them as well:

  • Cuve`e Gold: 9% ABV, Belgian blonde from Hardywood Craft Brewery. The traditional German-style golden ale is a wine-barrel aged aromatic, sweet, and dry refreshing beer.
  • KBS Espresso: 12% ABV, Coffee stout from Founders Brewing Co. This classic bourbon barrel-aged stout is flavored with coffee beans to provide you that extra shot of caffeine.
  • Helena: 5.7% ABV, Flanders red ale from Allagash Brewing Company, inspired by Flemish-style sour red ale. You can expect caramel aroma with hints of apple and pear when you drink this fruity and tart beer.
  • Erdinger Weibbier: 5.3% ABV, Hefeweizen from Erdinger Weissbrau. It’s a fine quality Weissbier made with top-notch ingredients and bottle fermented until the yeast has matured as required.
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What the Customers Say

Customer reviews of any establishment are of prime importance today, so we will convey you messages from the customers themselves. Customers who’ve visited The Answer cannot believe the quality of food and drinks made available at this Richmond brewery. They say that if one wants to experience Richmond youth culture, The Answer is the place to visit.

You cannot visit The Answer and not try out their Joose. The same goes for their delectable Vietnamese food offerings. The staff present at the brewery are friendly and helpful. All in all, The Answer, according to customer consensus, amounts to be one of the best breweries in all of the East Coast. What’s appreciable is the wide number of guest taps made available. It is rare to come across a brewery that offers so many guest taps besides their in-house craft beers. The atmosphere is laid back and perfect for spending a few enjoyable hours of your day.

The food portions will not have you complaining, and the price too is reasonable. You can get flights, crowler fills, or even growler fills of their beers. The Answer makes board games and arcade games available to customers, so you never have a chance to get bored while waiting for your drink to arrive.

The Answer is by no means strapped for space, with two large dining rooms and an outdoor patio on offer, so you can pick any spot you like to sample their much-recommended fruit beers. Even individuals who aren’t especially fond of beers have enjoyed The Answer Brewpub. Why not plan your visit and check out the authenticity of our claims?

The Answer Brewpub is located at 6008 W Broad St, Richmond, Virginia and should not be difficult to locate. You can call The Answer at 804-282-1248 to have any queries answered. You could also visit their official webpage to know more about their famous brews.

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