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HOMES Brewery

HOMES Brewery in Ann Arbor, Michigan opened back in 2017. The brewery was founded by Tommy Kennedy, who thoughtfully named the brewery as an acronym for all five Great Lakes. The building converted to make way for HOMES brewery used to be the Culligan water supply location, and the name was thought of as a way to pay homage to the origin of the brewery site. Today, HOMES brewery serves up an expansive range of craft brews and Asian street-style food to pair them with.

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Location and Ambiance

HOMES Brewery is located at 2321 Jackson Ave, Ann Arbor, Michigan. The brewery is almost 5,000 square foot in size, meaning it can accommodate a minimum of 170 people seated easily.

Designed in an industrial style, visitors can choose to seat themselves indoors or opt for one of the benches or picnic tables built around electric fire pits out on the patio. HOMES Brewery is dog-friendly, so you can bring along your four-legged friend on your visit here anytime.

The Michigan Brewery boasts of a 28 goot bar, stocked with appropriate German glassware to pour your preferred brews in. Triangle shaped beer flight holders hang on nearby walls, allowing customers to sample the beers on offer before placing their order. Food is also made available, and customers can order at the bar itself when the brewery begins to get busy.

The HOMES Brewery taproom seating area has been tastefully decorated with graffiti painted in bright fluorescent hues, created by Paolo Pedini, a Detroit street artist.

You will find three televisions hanging on the wall, if you ever need to catch up on a game. There are dartboards to keep you and your friends entertained on a visit. Even a projector is made available, should you ever need it.

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Beers on Offer

HOMES Brewery began its operations with a selection of ten beers, ranging from its Lazer Light Show Double IPA to its King Cold Brew Imperial Cream Ale. It also has its own barrel-aging program, which is used to age its Belgian sours.

Currently, the brewery offers customers with 12 different beers on tap and 7 beers on their in-house bottle list. We will be discussing them individually below.

On Tap

  • Surface: 8% ABV, Imperial IPA, double dry-hopped with simcoe, cryo citra, and mi copper.
  • Paradox of Plenty: 7.8% ABV, Imperial IPA, double dry-hopped with simcoe and citra; expect flavor notes of melon, pine, and orange.
  • Phosphor: 7% ABV, American IPA, brewed and double dry-hopped entirely with mosaic hops.
  • Cynosure: 8% ABV, Sour IPA, brewed with milk sugar, blended with raspberry, passionfruit, and vanilla bean, and double dry-hopped with Mosaic.
  • Same Same Different: 7.2% ABV, American IPA, brewed with citra, simcoe, and mosaic hops, while providing a citrusy, tropical flavor.
  • Black & Yellow Sherbet: 7% ABV, Fruited sour, aged on lemon zest, brewed with milk sugar, and blended with blackberry and blackcurrant.
  • Metaform (Strawberry): 6.3% ABV, Sour IPA, double dry-hopped with mosaic hops, brewed with milk sugar, and blended with strawberry and aged vanilla beans.
  • King Cold Brew – Nicaraguan (2020): 7.9% ABV, Cream ale, cold-brewed using Nicaraguan coffee, with flavor notes of almonds, cocoa, and citrus.
  • Blue Passion Sherbet: 6.5% ABV, Fruited sour, brewed with white sugar and a generous amount of passion fruit and blueberries, with an initial tart flavor and fruity finish.
  • Dub Trop: 7.2% ABV, Fruited sour Gose brewed using pineapple, guava, and passion fruit additions.
  • Idaho Flow: 4.6% ABV, Golden Ale, brewed entirely with Idaho 7 hops. Expect a biscuit, citrus, and pine flavor when drinking this light brew.
  • Leafy Leaf: 4.5% ABV, Sour, brewed with coriander and basil.

Bottle List

  • Composition 5 (black raspberry): 8.5% ABV, Fruited Sour, oak barrel-aged. The mixed culture sour is a blend of golden sours and has been refermented using black raspberry and then bottle conditioned with champagne yeast.
  • Composition 4 (strawberry/rhubarb): 7.4% ABV, Fruited Sour. Another from HOMES Brewery’s series of mixed culture sours, this brew is made the same way as Composition 5 but uses rhubarb and strawberry to referment instead.
  • Fruit Draft: 8.5% ABV, Fruited sour produced in collaboration with Speciation. It’s aged in rum barrels and contains plum, lemongrass, apple, blueberry, and boysenberry additions during fermentation.
  • Plotline Balaton: 9% ABV, Fruited sour aged with local Balaton cherries. The mix of golden sours is aged in bourbon barrels before bottle conditioning using champagne yeast.
  • Thoroughline Apricot: 8.5% ABV, Fruited sour that belongs to HOMES Brewery’s Solera series of mixed culture golden sours produced using large oak foeders. This brew’s aged on apricot and blended with almonds before bottle conditioning with champagne yeast.
  • Thoroughline Pawpaw: 8.5% ABV, Fruited sour, produced the same way as Thoroughline Apricot, but using pawpaw fruit for aging instead.
  • Thoroughline Balaton: 8.5% ABV, Fruited Sour, another in the Solera series. It’s produced pretty much the same way but uses locally grown Balaton cherries for aging instead.

HOMES Brewery organizes its NUCLEATE Beer Festival annually to introduce customers to their yearly beer release. Additionally, it also offers guests who purchase tickets for the event the option to try beers from 50+ breweries.

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HOMES Brewery sells a variety of shareable plates of Asian street-food delicacies, buns, and even bowls to help you satiate your hunger pangs. You can order from a choice of fries, wings, baos, noodles, or rice.


Regular dart and trivia nights are held at HOMES Brewery every week. The brewery has enough room to accommodate your events with its spacious patio, bar sattee, rec room, and back room, in addition to the brewpub seating area.

Definitely Worth Your Visit

HOMES Brewery offers customers a community get-together feel with its close-knit table placements. Visitors appreciate this friendly and inclusive vibe. The IPAs and Fruit Sours served here are highly recommended. There are not too many breweries that offer Asian Fusion food, so HOMES Brewery really scores with its Korean style buns and Kimchi fries. If you’re not fond of beer, HOMES serves a selection of wines as well.

Visit their official website, or call 734-954-6637 for any queries. Either way, plan your visit soon, and you will be glad you did.

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