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Clubhouse Brewing Company

Over the years, beer has grown to be more than just an alcoholic drink. It’s a drink that has pushed a cultural movement worldwide, with craft breweries popping up everywhere and people gathering at these breweries to enjoy themselves with friends and family. Beer has been associated with having a great time, and with the right brewery, you can get not just a great beer, but a great time with great people.

This is exactly what Clubhouse Brewing Company offers to patrons. This brewery located at 668 N River Rd NW, Warren, Ohio is locally owned by veterans and is focused on the welfare of the veteran community.

What makes Clubhouse Brewing Company stand out is that they are committed to turning alcohol into a constructive force rather than being a destructive force among the veteran community. According to the owners, this is their biggest goal, which they are focused on “even more so than making great beer.” They believe that the craft beer industry can contribute positively to the growth of their community, as well as bring everyone together, and that is exactly what this brewery has been doing ever since it was opened.

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Bringing the Community Together

Clubhouse Brewing company, following its goal to make their part of the craft beer industry a positive force in their community, holds many events aimed at bringing members of their community together. Apart from keeping their doors open, welcoming guests, and providing them with great beer and great food, they also hold a number of fun and exciting events every month.

The microbrewery has a huge digital and wireless race track for their customers to enjoy. Customers bring their own toy cars and can participate in a healthy, competitive race with their friends and other customers while enjoying their flavorful beers.

The best part is that, if you win the race, you get to walk away with a cash prize. With a buy-in of $10, the first-place winner gets 30 percent of the pot, while the second-place winner gets 20 percent, and the third-place winner gets 10 percent.

They also have a number of competitions where customers can win unique and valuable items, such as handmade wooden flags. They have also asked their customers to suggest names for their new drink, which they introduced earlier this year. Out of all the names suggested, the winner was Winter Warfare.

Clubhouse also hosts comedy shows to keep their guests laughing and entertained. It really is a brewery that focuses its efforts on bringing the community together through plenty of activities and attractions that cater to everyone.

Simple and Relaxing Atmosphere Suitable for a Family

When you see the place from the outside, it doesn’t look like much. But once you step inside, the warm, friendly, and inviting atmosphere of the place, as well as the welcoming owners and staff who put you right at home, make all the difference.

Clubhouse Brewing Company is an old warehouse turned into a fun and inviting space where everyone can enjoy. Its family-friendly atmosphere is what gives this brewery such a unique appeal. The owners, Debbie and Craig, are very friendly and will ensure that you feel comfortable and attended to while you are there.

With simple seating, a military-like aesthetic, fun decor, and posters, it’s easy to relax and just have a good time with friends and family. Besides, the mouth-watering food paired with their amazing beers and the local, relaxing atmosphere of the brewery will make Clubhouse Brewing Company one of your favorite spots to hang.

There are about 12 beers, all on tap, crafted by the brewery. But the flavors keep changing so that customers always have something new to tingle their taste buds. The half pound sandwiches are to die for, so make sure you give them a try if you find yourself at Clubhouse.

Image by Clubhouse Brewing Company on Google Maps

Veteran Welfare Focused

As a brewery that is committed to giving back to the veteran community, Clubhouse Brewing donates a portion of its sales to veteran causes. They even organize and host events for veterans, such as food drives.

Customers can also purchase a beer for members of the military, police, or first responders. The community is always actively donating beers to those who are keeping them and their families safe.

Clubhouse Brewing also boasts of veteran-friendly hiring practices. On top of this, they host workshops to guide and help veterans who are interested in starting small businesses of their own.

Over the years, Clubhouse Brewing Company has grown to become a treasured part of the community in Warren. It has grown to be more than just a brewery, but rather a space for community members to gather and enjoy great beer, great food, and great company in a safe and friendly environment where everyone is welcome.

Sustainable Green Practices

Another reason why Clubhouse Brewing Company stands out from other breweries in the area is because of its adoption of sustainable green practices. The brewery strives to be a zero-landfill company and takes steps to ensure that nothing goes to waste.

They donate spent grains and hops to local farmers so that they can use these as feed. Moreover, there is an onsite steam generator that is used to completely offset the electricity consumption of the brewery.

Clubhouse Brewing is a brewery that is truly committed to working for the good of the community. Not only do they give back to veterans, they also give back to farmers. On top of these, they always make it a point to locally source as many ingredients as possible so that they can help local businesses.

If you are looking to have a good time in a place where you can enjoy rich, flavorful crafted beers alongside delicious food, then Clubhouse Brewing Company is the place to be. Besides, the friendly and courteous owners and staff, as well as the sense of camaraderie among the guests will make you feel right at home in no time.

For any queries about working hours or reservations, you can contact the brewery on their official website.

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