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Forager Brewery

Having been in business since 2015 in Rochester, Minnesota, Forager Brewery has been marking its way to place its name amongst the best breweries in the world. Forager Brewery is co-owned and run by Austin Jevne (Head Brewer) and Annie Henderson. It comes with the perfect blend of a phenomenal variety of beers and great food, both of which are beautifully made with the goodness of fresh and local ingredients.

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The Beer

Each beer is carefully and uniquely crafted on-site by super talented and dedicated guys who also care enough to take out the time to forage local ingredients needed for the process. Thousands of gallons of amazing beers are brewed annually, and judging by the vast array of beers they produce, you can only wonder how they manage to do so while still keeping the quality phenomenal. The excellent variety of beers perfectly complement the exceptionally great and unique dishes that they provide. With this list of amazing beers, which are some of their most popular ones in no particular order, you will never go wrong in choosing the perfect beer for yourself.

  • Pudding Goggles: It’s an American imperial porter brewed with chocolate, and rich in cocoa. It is black in color and has a sweet smell of vanilla and chocolate with a slight taste of cinnamon and strawberry. It contains 10.3% ABV.
  • Gummies Make Us Likeable: It is a Berliner Weisse containing 8% ABV. It is an imperial Berliner where the sweetness and the sourness are perfectly balanced with the taste of passionfruit, guava, and peach.
  • Millerzzzz: It is an American Imperial Stout that contains 13% ABV. It is a barrel-aged beer made from the mixture of both whiskey and bourbon. Dark in color and with a taste of maple syrup and vanilla, this beer is perfect for celebrating with best friends.
  • Nillerzzzzz Blend #1 (Vintage 2018): It is an imperial stout blend which contains 14% ABV. A perfect blend of bourbon and rye barrel, which is aged for 14-18 months, it is black in color with the taste of vanilla and chocolate. It is a very well-crafted beer and is easy to drink.
  • Nillerzzzzz Blend #2 (Vintage 2019): Another imperial/double stout blend with 12% ABV, which is a richer and thicker version of the Vintage 2018 Blend #1. It is a blend of rye and bourbon barrels conditioned on freshly scraped vanilla bean caviar.
  • Crema: An American imperial porter, which is a mix of bourbon and rye whiskey and aged for 19 months, it contains 12% ABV. It has a rich taste of coconut and vanilla. It smells of vanilla and chocolate and pours deep black.
  • Pastry Lace: An imperial stout, which is a collaboration with Barrel Theory and Pulpit Rock, it has an oaky taste and smell. This beer is flavorful with hints of chocolate and vanilla. It contains 14% ABV.
  • Magnus: This beer is also an American imperial stout containing 13.5% ABV. It is made in large honey barrels and aged on coffee, cocoa nibs, and vanilla beans. It pours dark black with a strong aroma of fresh coffee, honey, and chocolate and is available both on tap, as well as bottles. The beer tastes of coffee, honey, maple, and oak with a smooth and creamy texture.
  • Breakfast Nook: It is an American imperial porter made from bourbon and rye with 12% ABV content and aged on honey barrels. It contains maple and tons of coffee. The beer smells of whiskey but tastes like sweet honey and cinnamon with a smooth and thick texture, and it is pitch back in color.
  • Pudding Dribbles: It is an imperial/double porter containing 11.3% ABV, which is brewed with maple sap and conditioned on cacao, vanilla, cinnamon, coffee, maple, and coconut.
  • Freedom Toast: An American imperial/double stout blend of maple bourbon, honey bourbon, and rye whiskey barrels, which is aged for 17 months, and conditioned on vanilla, cinnamon, and maple. It contains 14% ABV.

Guest Beer

Forager Brewery also has three guest beers to offer:

  • Dorothy’s New World Lager: This beer is made from the Toppling Goliath Brewery Company, which contains 5.5% ABV. It is golden in color with a smooth texture and has a lemon, hoppy, and malty taste.
  • Pils: The beer contains 5.1% ABV and is made from Fair State Brewing Corporative. It pours light yellow with a perfect blend of bitterness and sweetness.
  • Honey Honey: It comes from Hoch Orchard Cider, containing 6% ABV. The beer contains tons of honey but has a spicy flavor.

The Food

Who doesn’t love food? Forager Brewery offers a large menu to the customers from food to non-alcoholic drinks to make drinking beer more enjoyable. Their food is entirely made of locally foraged products. Here are some of what you will expect to get from their ever-evolving menu with seasonal changes, which includes an amazing range of food:

  • Cast Iron Mac & Cheese
  • House Pulled Mozzarella
  • Piggy Pie
  • Carrot Cake
  • Nachos
  • Forager Burger
  • Caesar Salad
  • Pine Creek Curry
  • Fruit Bowl
  • Bread Pudding
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Gifts and Merchandise from the Brewery

A lot goes inside the Forager Brewery, with merchandise like hoodies, t-shirt, beer label prints, and many more. You can place orders and own this merchandise and become a part of Forager.

There is also a platform for budding artists to showcase, promote, and sell their artworks through Cassandra Duck, a local artist and manager of Arts Programming at Forager Brewery. You can reach her and learn more about it here.

Make a Plan to Visit

Forager Brewery is not just a pub to drink beer, but a full-on brewery restaurant. A large number of people visit this brewery for the amazingly crafted beers but also for the perfect lounging spot. The place also has a huge lawn for hanging out with friends and families. This brewery is also convenient because they provide catering service.

You will find Forager Brewery at 1005 6th St NW, Rochester, Minnesota. Make sure to visit the brewery if you are in the locality. This brewery is sure to give you the best experience of drinking different types of beer, brewed locally. You can also visit their website or call 507-258-7490 to know more about the brewery.

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