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Sapwood Cellars Brewery

Owned by Michael and Scott, two friends who are not just co-owners, but also co-brewers, Sapwood Cellars is a brewery and tasting room located in Columbia, Maryland, which was started in 2018. Even though the place is less than two years old, it has really grown rather quickly to become a favorite hangout spot for the residents of Columbia. 

Sapwood Cellars Brewery is focused on serving mixed-fermented beers, which are barrel-aged, along with fresh and aromatic hoppy ales. Both Michael and Scott are deeply passionate about brewing and concocting delicious flavors, and this clearly reflects in the quality of their drinks. 

Dedicated to the craft of beer brewing and production itself, they focus on the process just as much as the end result. This has resulted in handcrafted, homegrown beers which are balanced yet rich in flavor and pleasantly aromatic without being too bitter or sour. The guys at Sapwood Cellars believe that beer should be a “pleasure to savor, and not a challenge to conquer,” and they have definitely made their beer a pleasure to drink.

The brewery is always experimenting, cooking up something new and exciting, and they try to have at least one new beer each week. This could be a fresh, new batch or a unique infusion concocted using fruit, coffee, herbs, spices, or an extra dose of dry hops. So you can go here every weekend and try something new every time! 

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Behind the Name

Sapwood Cellars has a story behind its name, and it is one that is deeply rooted in meaning. It is one that signifies growth, while also being representative of the brewing process.

Every wood starts its journey through life as small sapwood, which is the delicate and tiny new growth found just under the bark of the tree. Although tiny, this sapwood is nothing but insignificant. In fact, it plays an essential part in the maturation process of a tree, as it carries water to the roots from the leaves, thereby carefully redistributing reserves of water as required by the season. 

Over time, sapwood eventually hardens into the heartwood, which is then used to make barrels. Sapwood then brings the two sides of this brewery’s production together, where “sap” is for the fresh IPAs, while “wood” represents the barrel-aging process. This is where the name Sapwood comes from. 

“Cellar” simply refers to what the brewery calls the space where the fermentation process takes place. However, in this case, it was also chosen because it evokes an image of a cool, quiet, and calm resting place for the barrels. This is how the name “Sapwood Cellars” came to be. 

A Spacious, Family-Friendly Brewery 

Many guests have pointed out that this brewery is not easy to spot and is tucked away amidst a bunch of unmarked buildings. It is a tiny, cozy place with a homely, laid-back, and welcoming atmosphere that is ideal for friends and family. 

Despite the place not being a sprawling building, there is still plenty of open space and lots of seating options, including long tables, four-person tables, two-person tables, and bar stools. They can also provide a stroller for your table, and they have high chairs and changing tables as well. So even if you are bringing along your toddler or kid, it shouldn’t be a problem. 

Besides, the place isn’t too loud and has a relaxed and welcoming vibe, which makes it even more ideal for families or for people who prefer quieter breweries where they can just chill and catch up with friends while enjoying delicious craft beers. It is often described as a very social brewery, which makes it the perfect environment for hanging out with friends and even meeting new people. 

Although the brewery itself does not serve food inside, they have great food trucks outside, and you can bring the food inside and enjoy them alongside your beer! You are even allowed to bring outside food or have food delivered at the brewery and have them there with your drink. You can even bring your own games to play with friends while you are here to make the most of your time.

Sapwood Cellars does not serve flights, but you are allowed to try anything before you buy it. This means that you can sample all their beers and choose the one you like best so you don’t regret your purchase. 

To top it all off, the service here is great and the staff is extremely helpful and friendly. They can suggest drinks you should try and answer any questions you may have. They are there to ensure that you have a lovely time at Sapwood Cellars.

Image by Sapwood Cellars Brewery on Google Maps

Dedication to Sustainability 

Sapwood Cellars believes that it is important to remain true to themselves, to their local community, and also to the planet. So they always try to use produce that is ethically sourced, and this includes grains, local fruits, free-range yeast, and organic hops. This not only makes them more sustainable, but also allows them to support local businesses. 

They also believe that the beers they brew should be reasonably priced, contain a moderate amount of alcohol, and most of all, be rich in flavor. Michael and Scott are committed to serving the best homegrown brews in Columbia and growing their list of dedicated customers. 

Keeping Customers’ Needs First

Sapwood Cellars prides itself on being a modern brewery that always keeps the needs of its customers first. Dedicated to helping you have a pleasant experience, they have even added feminine products and hair ties in the women’s washroom, all of which are available for free!

This simple, yet thoughtful gesture has been pointed out by many guests here, and it shows the lengths that the brewery will go to in order to ensure that guests are taken care of. 

There is also a TV here, so customers can watch matches on game nights with their friends and not worry about running out of amazing beer while cheering on their favorite teams. At Sapwood Cellars, your mug will never be empty because the beer keeps on flowing and the good times keep on rolling. 

Sapwood Cellars is located at 8980 MD-108 Suite MNO, Columbia, Maryland You can reach out to them via phone at 443-542-9304 or by visiting their official website

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