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Moe’s Tavern Brewing

Built-in 1890, Moe’s Tavern was a rooming house that housed people who rented it for a couple of months before moving to another city. Over the years, the building became a gay bar, a punk hangout, and a Baptist church, as well as a wannabe-cocktail bar. 

The bar was first started by Phillip Assad, who ran it from 1956 to 1960, and was later purchased by his brother in 1961 and moved to its current location in 1979. The bar came as a litany of owners for several years, and in 2016, it was purchased by Raphael Gobidas. Now, Moe’s Tavern is a tiny bar that operates on the first floor of the rooming house. 

When Gobidas tried to resurface the bar’s history, a lot of untold stories were unearthed. Gambling, drug marketing, prostitution, and more were exhumed as the bar’s origins. ‘A bar with a rich history’ doesn’t do it justice. 

Moe’s was neither trendy, nor pretentious, and definitely was not high-brow. All that remained of the bar over the years was its name, which was also Phillip Assad’s nickname. Gobidas refurbished this neighborhood hangout and added ‘brewing’ to its name. Moe’s Tavern Brewing is a remnant of the past that has ties to another era – in fact, multiple eras. The idea of finding craft beer in this place would definitely seem out of place, but not impossible.  

Image by Moe’s Tavern Brewing on Google Maps

Their Best Brew

For a while, Moe’s Tavern Brewing served craft beers on tap and in cans as well. But recently, they started brewing their own beer, currently brewed at the Jolly Scholar and served at Moe’s. Some of their best brews on tap include:

  • Moe’s Leprechaun Sighting
  • Groundskeeper Willie
  • Bourbon Barrel-Aged Santa’s Little Helper
  • Double Duff
  • Duff Darker
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Duff Heavy
  • Pride of Cleveland

Moe’s has been in business since 1956, but it was not the same as it is now. Moe’s Tavern Brewing is famous for its craft beers that its customers refer to as heavenly. What was once a bar that was famous for the wrong reasons is now a great place to hang out. 

What to Expect

When Gobidas bought the place, all he had was a 1,400 square foot space with nothing but holes in the floor. The bar needed immediate attention and a lot of work. In fact, it needed a facelift, and that’s what Gobidas did. He refurbished it completely, adding a kitchen as well. Now, the bar has a wooden floor, wooden beam-like vertical posts that cover the pipes, purse hooks along the bar’s underside, drapery fixtures, and more. The interiors are modern, even though the bar has a long and daunting history. A lot of things were changed. In fact, everything got an uplift that made Moe’s Tavern Brewing the perfect spot to hang out! 

You can expect to get a tasty variety of beer selection, interesting choice of food, great music, nice and modern interiors, a cool vibe, and a couple of videogames that you can play for free. You will also find a pull-down television screen, which is hardly used, as most people who visit the bar spend time talking to each other and having a grand time. The television is an attraction only when there is a game going on.

As there is a university close by, you will find a lot of youngsters there, even hipsters. Even with a lot of youngsters, the vibe there is cool and pleasant. You will find the best food offered with an amazing drinks and a friendly bartender. From amazing service to a perfect beer, you can expect to have a great time when you go to Moe’s Tavern Brewing.

Image by Raphael Gobidas on Google Maps

What Do the Customers Say?

Moe’s may have been established several decades ago, but Moe’s Tavern Brewing is just a few years old and has earned a reputation of being one of the best places to hang out. Many customers had the pleasure of celebrating birthdays and anniversaries here and have expressed how professional Moe’s is. They were involved in every step and provided what was promised. Every event that was organized was tagged as a hit due to the amazing service offered by them.

Moe’s Tavern Brewing has everything to offer to a customer, from amazing food to delicious beer and a game arcade to enjoy their time there. Most of the customers who ordered the pizza had great things to say, as it indeed lived up to the hype made by other customers who found it to be irresistible.  Every customer who visited Moe’s was impressed by the combination of food, drink, and game that they had to offer. They were not only impressed by the brewery, but also by the amazing service offered by the owner Raphael Gobidas and his team. 

A lot of customers did have a lot to say about the ambiance. Most of the locals who have seen the interiors before it was given a lift by Gobidas were impressed by how much planning had taken place to make the old bank space into an attractive tavern. Moe’s Tavern Brewing is a cool concept bar that is reasonably priced and has become immensely popular. You will not be disappointed if you visit this Simpsons-themed bar! 

Moe’s Tavern Brewing is located on 1740 E 17th Street, Cleveland, Ohio. For more questions, you can contact them at 216-334-3143.

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