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Lock City Brewing

The world of beer is vast, yet there is no place for a commoner as it seeks creativity. In the recent past, you may have seen several new breweries opening their doors to the public and offering unique blends that are simply too good to believe. From adding new flavors to changing taste and texture, the brewers have a lot to offer. With increasing competition, creativity is a must to be a part of the brewing world and vital for survival as well. One such brewery that has defeated all odds is the Lock City Brewing.

Every brewery has a story to tell and so does the Lock City Brewing. Mike Bushnell and Patrick Casciolo both share a passion for great beer. Mike started brewing as a hobby when his wife went for her doctoral program. He taught himself how to brew in the laundry room of his Stamford townhome. At first, the taste was less than delicious. Most people would have given up. But Mike decided to try again. The first ten to fifteen batches were thrown into the drain. But the first successful brew was as good as the ones they used to have. His hobby turned into a passion and a passion into a business after Mike, Patrick, and Jesse Rosenberg decided to start a brewery together.  

Mike Bushnell was a financial controller by profession. He, along with Patrick, had to cross a lot of hurdles and roadblocks to be able to start their brewery. A lot of research and planning was done as well to ensure that they do not fall off the track or fall behind. Mike and Patrick framed a business plan after studying several breweries and decided to start their venture and serve their brews at their Research Drive taproom instead of distributing them to bars and restaurants. This business model helped them immensely, especially in a state where the number of breweries tripled since 2011. 

Lock City Brewing Company opened its doors to the public in 2016 with craft beers on their menu. With 15 years of accounting and finance experience, Mike took over the responsibilities of head brewer after three years of being an avid homebrewer. Patrick, the co-founder who has ten years of experience owning and operating his own audio and visual company, is the head of sales and marketing.

The Yale & Towne Manufacturing Company, an innovative producer of locks, was the reason behind the popularity of the Stamford, which was nicknamed ‘The Lock City’ in the late 19th and early 20th century. Nearly one-fourth of Stamford’s population was employed at Yale & Towne Manufacturing Company. In the 1950s, the company left Stamford, and the city started losing its popularity, and the nickname Lock City faded away. Mike and Patrick decided to pay a tribute to the city’s history and christened their brewery ‘Lock City Brewing.’

Image by Lock City Brewing on Google Maps

The Beer

In 2016, Lock City Brewing Company began its operations and focused on quality artisan craft beer. Their portfolio includes several popular styles of beer, such as pale ales, stouts, and porters. Some of their best brews include:

  • O.J. On Parole
  • Shake Your Booty
  • Double Noggin Knocker
  • Intellocktual
  • Figure Four +1
  • Calm Like A Bomb
  • Lock-O-Lantern

Lock City Brewing expanded its brewing capacity and added new beers to their brewing arsenal day by day. They reinvented simple and full-flavored craft-brewed beer and passed through several hurdles to get where they are now. In 2018, Lock City Brewing joined hands with Stamford’s Half Full Brewery to announce their first collaboration ‘Welcome to Fabulous Stam Vegas,’ a sour IPA that combines the strengths of each brewery. The beer was created to excite the Stamford community and learn from each other a skill that can help them improve themselves. From reinvention to innovation, they have come a long way and are expected to go up the ladder of success.

What to Expect

Lock City Brewing has come a long way from being a nano-brewery to a microbrewery and one of the best craft brews in Stamford. Located on Research Drive in Stamford, the brewery is a welcoming place that is child-friendly, as well as pet-friendly. Based on their business model, they offer seven to eight types of beer – mostly ales, stouts, and sours. As the brewery is located in a small indoor space, it is always crowded over the weekends, and it may be hard to find seating.

The few televisions there are tuned to a game that offers good entertainment to beer lovers. Apart from the television, the brewery also offers some board games that you can play while you sip on their tasteful beer. Food lovers won’t be disappointed, as you can bring your own food or order from the food trucks that are parked close by. The brewery may look and feel small, but it offers a great atmosphere.

Image by Lock City Brewing on Google Maps

In the News

Lock City Brewing was on Eyewitness News before their operations started in 2016. Established in 2015, Launch IPA was the first beer that they brewed which was also canned and sold. Mike, the head brewer spoke about the first few beers that would be offered to customers once they opened their brewery.  

What the Customers Say

Every beer offered there has been branded as uniquely good. Their regular customers, who have tasted almost every new beer they have brewed, say that they have never had a beer they do not like. The beers are uniquely named, which makes them even more tempting, and to most people who visit regularly, Lock City Brewing offers the best craft brews not just in Stamford, but in New England itself. 

From a great selection of beer to a pleasant atmosphere, the Lock City Brewing Company offers everything a beer lover wants. Almost every customer who has ever been there had appreciated the beers brewed. Many customers found the staff to be nice and pleasant and also considered it as a great place for a family, as kids are welcome. With friendly staff, flavorsome beer and amazing vibe, the place is all around fun.

Lock City Brewing is located on 54 Research Drive, Stamford, Connecticut. You can contact them at 203-313-6454 or visit their official website.  

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