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Knotted Root Brewing Company

Knotted Root Brewing Company in Nederland, Colorado is an intimate brewery offering artisanal beers made in combination with Belgian and American experimental brewing techniques. The mountainside brewery offers up an array of unfiltered and tasteful ales to its visitors.

Founded by Passion, Tended with Love

Founded by expert brewer Chris Marchio, Knotted Root Brewing Company strives to craft nuanced beers which still have their rustic element intact. Being head brewer at the brewery himself, Marchio sure knows his beers. He has a formal education in Brewing and Fermentation Science from the Central Washington University after all.

Co-founder and Manager of Operations at the Knotted Root Brewing Company, Chris Klein, too nursed an interest in homebrewing and gained industry experience over the years. He gained knowledge about running a taproom, thanks to his journey with a startup brewery, all before joining the Knotted Root Brewing Company team.

Jordan Lanter, Assistant Brewer, rounds up the Knotted Root Brewing Company team. Jordan has worked with a number of breweries and also has a certification in Brewing Technology. Together, the three of them run this destination brewery in Nederland, where you can come in for a taste of their farmhouse style beers, unfiltered ales, or continental lagers.

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Beer with a Difference

The beers offered at the Knotted Root Brewing Company have been carefully thought out by the creators. They have been crafted to pay homage to their rugged neighborhood, which has drawn bohemians for decades, looking to be one with nature. The beers are brewed using several experiments to the fermentation technique, but they attempt to stay true to the basics. Knotted Root Brewing Company beers have a distinct, deeply entrenched yet soft flavor profile.

If you’re fond of hazy unfiltered ales, Knotted Root Brewing Company’s ales will suit your palate just right. The farmhouse ales here harness the bounty of regional microflora. You can choose from a range of fruity brews or citrusy sours. That isn’t all – if you’d much rather skip the ales, you can even choose to have a German pilsner or barrel-aged stout. At Knotted Root Brewing Company, everyone’s taste is catered to.

On-Tap Availability

Knotted Root Brewing Company in Nederland serves visitors with beers from the tap. You can also pick up beer in canned form on the premises or come fill up your growler to-go. Currently, some of the on-tap beers available here are:

  • Take Me Home Tonight: Delicious Vanilla Coffee Porter which combines Madagascar vanilla beans and Salto Coffe Roasters’ Papua New Guinea Roast. The traditional English Dry Porter style brew has an ABV content of 6.8% and overwhelms your senses with flavors of dark chocolate, vanilla wafer, and roasted cherries.
  • Blue Light Rain: Unfiltered German Pilsner made of German Barke malt and Callista hops. With an ABV of 5.3%, this light, dry beer with flavor notes of lemon and grape makes for a great summer day companion.
  • Rescue Squad: Unfiltered Single Hop IPA has a soft mouthfeel, an ABV of 6.4%, and a rich tropical flavor to boot.
  • Space and Time: Unfiltered Double-Dry Hopped DIPA will remind you of a passionfruit sorbet while getting you buzzed with an 8% ABV. An enjoyable creamy rich texture on the brew provides a nice mouthfeel.
  • Thick Strawberry Goo Double Vanilla: This is a smoothie-style Berliner Weisse brewed with 420 pounds of strawberry, passionfruit and raspberry and conditioned with close to a pound of Madagascar vanilla beans. Its ABV is 5.6% and also contains a small amount of lactose.
  • Precious Birthday Fudge: This beer is a Russian Imperial Fudge Stout with rich and complex flavors of malt, vanilla, and chocolate. It is brewed with milk-white-dark chocolates, brown and milk sugar, and vanilla and cacao nibs.

Beers available in cans for on-site consumption:

  • Thick Raspberry Goo: It’s a smoothie-style Berliner Weisse with a 7.4% ABV. Brewed with 630 pounds of passionfruit, raspberry and boysenberry, the Weisse is then double dry-hopped and conditioned on lactose, Madagascar vanilla beans, and cacao nibs.
  • Phone and TV: This unfiltered Double Dry Hopped IPA has a 7.4% ABV. You will find flavors of orange blossom, mangoes, and Jersey peaches in this largely experimental brew.

You can pick up sets of four pack cans or cases for Thick Raspberry Goo, Phone and TV, Rescue Squad and Blue Light Rain to carry back to your homes as well.

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Grab a Seat and Enjoy Some Music While You Sample Signature Knotted Root Brews

Staying true to the culture of artists and bohemians, Knotted Root Brewing Company hosts live music events at their taproom, the schedule for which you will find on their official website.

If you’re thirsty after a long hike out in the cold, there’s no better place than the Knotted Root Brewing Co. to step into. Aside from the delicious beer, the brewery offers an inviting ambience and warm, friendly service. You can relax your joints and sit down for a board game with your preferred brew.

Customers swear by Knotted Root’s hazy IPAs and love the fact that you can bring your four-legged friends along. Who wouldn’t like a mountaintop brewery with board games and live music where you can sit down for a few pours with your dog in tow?

Knotted Root Brewing Company also allows visitors to bring in outside food, besides serving up yummy, in-house snacks for all their patrons. Your food cravings will definitely not be an issue when you’re at the brewery, looking to satiate your thirst.

It is not unusual to find welcoming groups of people having fun as they unwind with some beer at Knotted Root Brewing Company. If you happen to come by alone, you are most likely to find someone to talk to within minutes. Knotted Root Brewing Company is a brewery that bonds people, and that is the vibe they cherish.

Open Thursdays through Sundays, drop in to Knotted Root Brewing Company at 250 North Caribou Street, Nederland, Colorado when you’re visiting nearby. The brewery is also child and pet friendly, giving you all the more reason to come down for a visit. If you have any questions, you can call 303-258-3771 and get in touch with the Knotted Root Brewing Company team.

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