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Electric Brewing Company

Electric Brewing Company is one of the leading breweries in the United States, which has recently gained large amounts of popularity for their unique way of crafting beer, as well as their rare and delicious varieties of drinks on offer.

What Makes Electric Brewing Company Unique?

The uniqueness of the Electric Brewing Company lies in its name. Unlike most of the brewing companies in the U.S. that use natural gas for brewing their beer, the owner, Justen Foust, makes use of electricity.

Justen, to provide his brewery with this unique feature, mastered the skill of making the most out of what he had. He found the perfect spot, a former automotive shop in his hometown, which when renovated, became the perfect spot to open a brewery and tasting room. However, there was one small issue – there was no natural gas supply, and only electricity was available for use.

Justen decided to use this electricity as an advantage to brew his beer. He had to redesign all of his beer recipes to fit with electricity, as he had always been using natural gas to brew beer. This idea came to his benefit, and Justen’s brewery has since then gone viral for this unique technique.

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King of the Beers

Since its opening in 2014, Electric Brewing Company has been on an uphill road. From 2016 to 2017, the sales of the Brewery increased by almost 1,400 percent and this extraordinary growth is just the start.

The brewery has nine types of beers in their On the Tap menu for their tasting rooms. Their tasting rooms are always sold out and have huge lines, with people lining up in large numbers to taste the beer.

The Electric Brewing Company also has several food trucks and bands to their name. Their recipes have recently received their canned variety, giving you the choice to avail their delicious food items at any time.

Recently, canned beers of Electric Brewing Company have exploded in popularity across the United States. A lot of online reviews of this brewery have repeatedly mentioned that after just a sip of their canned beer, people found that the heavenly taste in itself warranted a visit to the brewery.

One of the most important aspects of any brewery is the environment it provides its customers with, and the Electric Brewing Company provides an amazing atmosphere for drinking. Its elegant interiors, friendly staff, and enjoyable atmosphere all form a part of the experience, which always brings people back for more.

Varieties of Beer Available

For their on the tap varieties, there are nine different types of beers available. Let’s take a look at each of the beers in detail:

  • Electric Lager: A crowd favourite Mexican lager, ABV of about 5%
  • Electric Pale Ale: A Pale Ale designed in an American Style that leaves your mouth feeling citrusy and resinous, ABV of 5.3%
  • No More Masters: A popular double dry-hopped Indian Pale Ale, ABV of 7.3%
  • All Through the House: A twist on the DDH IPA, whirlpooled with Nelson and DDH-ed with Nelson and Citra, ABV of 7.9%
  • Divination and Dreams: A surprise, because a brewery never reveals all of its secrets, ABV of 8.3%
  • Chapters of Repugnance Vol II: Another Closely guarded secret to be unveiled in February, ABV of 8.5%
  • East Coast Hustle Vol II: An American Double India Pale, ABV of 8.5%
  • Dark Souls: Another crowd favourite, with a strong stout flavour, ABV of 7%
  • No Bake Key Lime Pie: A sweet and sour ale, brewed with sugar, lime pureè and vanilla, ABV of 6.3%

Going based off the large amount of positive reviews about this place, Dark Souls and No More Masters are the two most popular beers among their audience.

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History of Electric Brewing Company

Justen Foust and his family moved to Marietta, California in 1999. Justen had always dreamt about having his own business, even before he ever entered college. His first experience with brewing beer happened when his wife gifted him an eight gallon kettle. Soon, he was regularly experimenting with crafted beer in his garage, with the help of two small buckets and this special kettle. The judges of his specially crafted beer were none other than his parents and his wife.

Justen kept brewing and slowly conducting larger experiments in his garage for the next two years. However, within this period, he had also expanded his network quite a bit and started interacting with like-minded individuals who would be interested in the art and business of crafted brewed beer.

This led to the formation of the Murrieta Brew Lab by Justen in 2012. His aim was to meet individuals who would be interested in experimenting with the possibility of different types and flavours of beers. This Murrieta Brew Pub held regular monthly meetings at a former brewpub called the Brew Legion Brewpub. These regular meetings helped Justen develop a significant amount of interest in brewing beers.

However, Justen believed that he did not have enough preparation for the launch of a complete brewery just yet. As part of his preparations, Justen went to study in the community colleges of San Jacinto and Riverside. It was here in college that Justen developed intricate knowledge about the art of brewing crafted beer. When he completed his course, he was sure that opening a brewery in his hometown is what he wanted to do, and college had provided him with a way to do it.

The Electric Brewing Company that stands today took years of hard work, passion and ambition to come into being. Justen often claims that this brewery completes him, and with the amount of effort he put into this venture, this comes as no surprise.

If you are looking for an experimental and exciting beer experience, the Electric Brewing Company is the right place for you. You can visit the brewery at 41537 Cherry St. in Murrieta, California. For more details, you can contact them on their phone at 951-696-2266 or visit their website.

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