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Cactus Land Brewing Co.

Cactus Land Brewing Co. is a craft beer operation running out of Adkins, Texas. Founded by husband and wife duo Dustin and Erica Teague the brewery opened doors in the scenic Adkins back in 2016. The Teague family has been homebrewing and winning themselves acclaim for their recipes for a while. 

The two developed Cactus Land Brewing Co. as an extension of this passion they had for brewing artisanal beer. Cactus Land Brewing Co. sources ingredients from local Adkins flora and fauna, utilizing even the native prickly pear cactus in their brewing endeavors. Both Dustin and Erica are in-charge of brewing at Cactus Land Brewing Co., while Dustin also handles the marketing end of running the business.

If you wish to sample any of Cactus Land Brewing Co.’s brews, you need to visit at 368 County Rd 325, Unit B, Adkins, Texas. You could also call 210-414-2776 or visit the brewery’s official website to help you plan your visit better. The Cactus Land Brewing Co. taproom is open to visitors on every first and third weekend of the month, and that too is only on Fridays and Saturdays for a limited period.

If you’re fond of merchandise, you can pick up Cactus Land Brewing Co. merchandise online or from their taproom itself.

While Cactus Land Brewing Co. does not serve food themselves, they allow a range of food trucks to camp on-premises to cater to the hunger pangs of visiting customers. 

What’s more? The brewery organizes live music events. So if you’re a fan of live music or would like to discover new bands while you try out innovative new craft beers, then Cactus Land Brewing Co. is the brewery for you. 

Stop by for a fun-filled and lively beer drinking experience if you happen to be in the Texas area. If you are a resident of Texas and still haven’t visited Cactus Land Brewing Co., you are missing out!

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A Must Visit Brewery

Cactus Land Brewing Co. is a major part of the relationship Dustin and Erica share. In fact, they started brewing together only a month into their relationship. Despite the initial difficulties, they never thought of giving up on the idea and worked to establish the brewery during time off from their respective day jobs. 

The brewery functions on a two barrel brewing system, with a 60-gallon output for each batch. The brewing system was once used to brew micro lagers at SeaWorld’s Busch Gardens. The initially-invented recipes are first brewed on Dustin’s hand-built homebrew setup before being transferred to Cactus Land equipment. The brewery provides visitors with brew styles that run the entire gamut, from saisons to stouts. 

One of Cactus Land’s earliest collaborations was with Weathered Souls, also new to the brewing scene. The two collaborated and produced “Truth of Darkness,” an imperial stout with vanilla bean and a cocoa nib addition. 

Individuals seeking to sample Cactus Land Brewing Co.’s beers can do so on tap at The Growler Exchange and The Hoppy Monk. However, visiting the taproom has its own privileges, and you are able to experience exclusive on-site brews, such as “Lucas,” a gose with tangy candy addition, or “Texas Juice,” a series of Cactus Land’s New England-style IPAs.

The Beer

Cactus Land Brewing Co. does not offer bottle or can pick-ups, so make sure you have some time to spare to sample their craft brew when visiting. It is exceptionally family-friendly with a play area for your kids, so you need not worry about having your kids accompany you to the brewery. You can easily drive your entire family up to the location; there is ample parking space provided for visitors.

The brewery, situated amid the rolling hills of Adkins, is another family-run brewing success story. Dustin and Erica try to cater to the taste of every possible kind of beer drinker with the beer menu they make available. Customers recommend their IPAs, stouts, and even sours. 

Notably, the following beers at Cactus Land Brewing Co. have gathered their own fan following in very little time:

  • Barrel-Aged Oreo Stout – 11% ABV milk stout, brewed with milk sugar and Oreos and aged in a bourbon barrel.
  • Snooze Button – 8% ABV milk stout, brewed with milk sugar, maple syrup, vanilla, and cold brew coffee.

If you’re not a drinker, it’s not a problem – you can ask for a root beer or a cider. 

The best part about Cactus Land Brewing is that the brewery always provides an extensive range of beers on tap. You can also browse their website and plan your visit according to their updated list of upcoming live acts and food truck hosting. 

Image by Cactus Land Brewing Company on Google Maps

A Place for Everyone

Cactus Land Brewing Co. is a charming, quaint brewery in the San Antonio area that will not disappoint you. Besides indoor seating, there is also plenty of space outside to lounge about. The play zone for kids is furnished with games too. 

You can try out Cactus Land’s beers in different serving sizes – the brewery also offers flights for those who’d like to try more than a handful of the brew offerings.

The Adkins brewery provides for a laidback and welcoming ambiance where you could put your feet up after an exhausting day and watch the sun go down with a chilled beer and some impressive music.

If you’re a pet parent, there’s still good news. Cactus Land Brewing Co. is perfectly dog-friendly, so bring your furry friend along for company. 

The gorgeous views from this brewery cannot be recommended any more. Cactus Land Brewing Co. is still very much of a hidden gem serving up splendidly crafted beer in Texas. The service is impeccable, and the staff is friendly. 

While Cactus Land Brewing Co. can be a bit of a drive if you don’t happen to live in the neighborhood, it is a drive you will not regret. The views, the beers, the hospitality, and the ambiance are all likely to rope you in and make you forget all about the time you spent driving up to your destination once you arrive.

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