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Wrecking Bar Brewpub

A person who is passionate about beer will understand what it takes for a brewpub to be a success, but only a person who is willing to put in the effort finds success in making a brewery a place everyone would like to get their beer from. From finding the perfect venue to gathering fresh ingredients, a lot of thought and effort is needed. As easy as it may look, starting a brewpub, keeping it running until it is established, and finding continued success is no easy feat. The Wrecking Bar Brewpub is one such brewpub that shows how success can be attained if you are willing to put some effort into it.

Would a semi-circular portico entrance with white ionic columns and slate-and-terracotta detailing conjure thoughts and images of a rustic brewery? Would you believe it if you were told that there is a bar in one such building that offers mesmerizing beer? The Kriegshaber House, a Victorian-style structure that includes Queen Anne and Beaux-Arts detailing with a long history of unexpected tenants, is now home to the Wrecking Bar Brewpub.  

The Kriegshaber House was originally constructed by Victor Hugo Kriegshaber, a businessman and a philanthropist who lived there till 1924. The building served as a Centenary Methodist Protestant Church from 1929-1940 and a dance school for the following 25 years. The structure was saved from being razed in 1970 by Wilma Stone, and until 2005, it was an art, glass, and antique company, after which it was left vacant.

Stevenson Rosslow, Bob Sandage, and Kristine Sandage bought the Kriegshaber House, which was in the worst condition ever. The stunning building was an eye sore, covered in graffiti inside and out. It was home to feral cats for several years, and it took 18 long months to be restored and refurbished it to make it look new and original. In 2011, the Wrecking Bar Brewpub was open to the public. 

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Their Best Brews

The Wrecking Bar Brewpub has a lot to offer to its customers with their seven barrel brewing system that brews everything, from light to dark and hoppy to malty. It offers the following beer to its customers:

  • Amber Ale
  • Barleywine
  • Wheat Beer
  • Cask Ales
  • Imperial Stout
  • Kolsch, Blonde Ale, and Light Lager
  • Porter or Stout
  • Pale Ale, Indian Pale Ale, and Double IPA
  • German styles that include Gunkelweiss, Roggen, Bock
  • Belgian Ales that include Pale, Dubbel, Tripel, Quad
  • Specialties like Smoked, Wood-Aged Beer, Sour Beers

Irrespective of the brew you choose, you will find it is served fresh and tastes better than the last time you tried it. Some of their popular brews include:

  • Juice Willis: Look Hunahpu’s Talking IPA
  • Breaking Bob Kolsch
  • Juice Willis: Dry Hop with a Vengeance IPA
  • Double Rainbros Raspberry Sherbert Ale
  • Rendez Moo Vanilla Chocolate Cinnamon Milk Stout

Every brew they serve is branded as top-notch, as they pay attention to detail in everything that is cooked or brewed at the Wrecking Bar Brewpub.

What to Expect

The Wrecking Bar Brewpub was a complete wreck when Stevenson Rosslow, Bob, and Kristine Sandage bought it. The team brought it back to life by laying a new foundation, restoring the original wood floors, repainting, and giving attention to every detail. Now the brewpub has a private dining room, an event space, and a formal event space. The Cellar is their private dining room that seats around 30 people; the Biergarten is an event space that seats up to 40 people and holds up to 100 people standing; the Marianna is their formal event space that has a capacity of 30 to 250 people.  

It might surprise you that beer is not the only creative item listed on the menu. The Wrecking Bar Brewpub’s chef, Steve Mayer, can conjure some amazing food, which takes the same limelight as the beers there do. If you go there on a Saturday, be prepared to wait for an hour or more to get a table, as the place is always filled and buzzing with friends getting together over the weekend for a drink. Once in, you can expect to be treated like a royal by the staff there. The Wrecking Bar Brewpub hires the most efficient staff in all of Georgia. They even have a compulsory beer test that must be taken by all staff to be hired. The bartenders are knowledgeable, along with being friendly and courteous.

In the News

The Wrecking Bar Brewpub has always been in the limelight ever since it opened its doors to the public. From the amazing renovation made to the Kriegshaber House that had been a complete wreck to the mesmerizing beer they serve with their original and equally mesmerizing food, they received several accolades from both restaurant and preservation worlds. They were awarded the Excellence in Rehabilitation award in 2012 by the Georgia Trust, and the Atlanta Magazine named them the best bar in Atlanta in 2015.

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What Do the Customers Say?

Every customer who has ever been to the Wrecking Bar Brewpub has undoubtedly enjoyed the vibe there. Customers are willing to wait for an hour just to get their hands on their favorite beer. As much as the beer is appreciated to be top-notch, the impressive menu is not left behind. Customers call the brewpub a perfect combination of food and drink.

Many of the customers are impressed by the diverse bar menu offered. You get almost every kind of beer that your taste buds call for. Those who stay close by have made the Wrecking Bar Brewpub their weekend spot, and those farther away make an effort to get there just to enjoy the beer and the food. All in all, the brewpub offers a great vibe, fantastic beer, and an excellent choice of food. The Wrecking Bar Brewpub is one place you must not miss visiting if you are in Atlanta.

Wrecking Bar Brewpub is located at 292 Moreland Avenue, NE Atlanta, Georgia. For queries regarding events, bookings, and reservations, you can contact them on at 404-221-2600 or visit their official website.

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