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Islla St. Brewing Company

Any true beer fan would tell you one thing – there’s always room for experimentation. With a place like Islla St. Brewing Company, this statement holds truer than ever. If you’re ever on the lookout for a fun and engaging brew pub in San Antonio, Texas, Islla St. Brewing is the right place for you.

The most interesting thing about this place is that the owners truly revel in their culture and heritage. Their interesting brews are created using unique flavors that come from their native fruits and spices. You will find a lot of contemporary influences, as well as historical odes, in all of their brews. 

With that said, the owners share that they hope to impact the craft beer industry and bridge a cultural gap that seeks to inspire curiosity. If you are an unconventional beer lover, Islla St. Brewing has its doors wide open for you!

History of Islla St. Brewing

This brew pub was opened by a family whose youngsters wanted to create an ode to their rich Mexican culture and heritage. The owners’ grandfather, Ricardo Peña, came to America with a dream of creating a prosperous future for his entire family. He decided to serve in the U.S. Army and thereafter chose to settle down in South Texas, creating a secure and blessed future for his family. 

Grandpa, as Richard Peña, was endearingly called, had a special place in his heart for good food and how it brought people together. The owners’ have a vivid memory of Grandpa gathering loved ones over at his place and cooking outside in his garden, creating memories for a lifetime. 

Islla St. Brewing is an ode to this hospitable and welcoming culture, and it seeks to celebrate traditions and novelty in a truly unique fashion.

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Beers Available

The people who visit Islla St. Brewing cannot stop raving about the interesting brews available here. You will find several blends of exotic and rich flavours in all of the beers, making it a truly exciting experience to sample them all. Flights of beers are also available for you to taste test and pick your favourite one. 

Here are some of the most popular beers available here:

  • Almond Joy Coconut Creampie – 7.8% ABV – An American brown ale with delicious hints of almond and toasted coconut 
  • REO Peach Wagon – 6% ABV – An American pale ale served as a delicious peachy smoothie
  • Lemon Meringue – 6.3% ABV – An American pale ale with a tart and sweet lemon pie filling flavor
  • Masters of the Gooberverse (Grape) – 10.5% ABV – An imperial/ double stout, with a delicious grape PB&J flavor
  • ¡Chale! Rancher – 5.3% ABV – A blonde ale brewed with watermelon candy, resulting in a sweet and refreshing aftertaste 
  • Amaretto By Morning – A hard seltzer with a sour mix lightly garnished with a maraschino cherry
  • Hulkadamia – 7.2% ABV – An American brown ale charged with chocolate Milano cookies, dark chocolate, and rich Macadamia nuts
  • Concha La Flor – 9.1% ABV – An imperial/double milk stout using Conchas and cold-brewed coffee
  • Boston Cream Pie – 7.6% ABV – An imperial/double stout that offers a rich dark chocolate and custard flavor
  • Yellow Cake Suavecito – 7.6% ABV – An American brown ale enriched with a delicious yellow cake batter and topped with chocolate frosting and coconut
  • Suavecito ’37 – An ode to Grandpa – 6.31% ABV – A rich American brown ale, with toasted coconut, palm sugar, and a unique hint of coriander
  • Lemon Biz Markie – 7.2% ABV – An American IPA that features a lemony flavor and definitely packs a punch
  • Oralé Vato Waas Hoppinin? – 6.4% ABV – A delicious American STX IPA


What people love the most about visiting Islla St. Brewing is the incredible atmosphere at this place. The setup is unassuming and relaxed, which makes for the ideal location to sit back and enjoy a few beers. The owners and staff here are courteous and always suggest the most interesting beer options for you to try. If you are visiting for the first time, it is highly recommended that you order a flight of beers, as this will allow you to sample some of their best brews and choose the one you like the most. 

Islla St. Brewing is pet-friendly and incredibly fuss-free. You should definitely come along with a group of your close friends and experiment with the wide variety of beers available here. You will certainly feel the electricity in the air, as the speakers let out some great Tejano and mixed-genre music, which acts as the perfect accompaniment to your food and drinks.

If you are not a fan of beer, not to worry at all! Inspired by their rich culture, this brewery offers some delicious sangria, which has been described as heavenly. At this brewery, you will find an option for every single person at the table.

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If you’re surprised by the uniqueness of the delicious beers available here, the food will definitely blow your mind! You can definitely grab a quick bite at this brewery, with food options ranging from traditional empanadas to the easy-going fries and dip. On most days, you will find food trucks parked outside, which acts as the perfect follow-up plan after drinking some of the invigorating beers offered here. 

Those who visit Islla St. Brewing are genuinely transfixed by the amazing flavors the beers are infused with. People particularly appreciate the small touches of garnishing added to the brews, which elevates the taste and complexity to a whole other level. This brewery is certainly one of those places that people would love to drop by repeatedly. 

If you are looking to try some new, experimental beer, the Islla St. Brewing Company surely does not disappoint. At this place, you can feel and experience the rich culture and heritage that has been infused into their beer, food, and ambiance. 

If you’re a fully-certified Texan or just visiting the area, you should definitely drop by the Islla St. Brewing Company, located on 11911 Crosswinds Way Ste 201 San Antonio, Texas. For more information about the brewery’s offerings and schedules, you can have a look at their social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You can also visit their official website for more information. 

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