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Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales

Brewing a beer is not just art; it also has a lot to do with science as well. A lot of people may think that it is easy to brew beer. But have you ever thought of the favorable weather condition that is needed to brew? A lot of thought and effort was put in by Black Project Spontaneous and Wild Ales’ owner James Howat while brewing beer in Colorado, especially on favorable weather conditions.

The brainchild of owner, brewer, and blender James Howat, as well as Sarah Howat, the Black Project Spontaneous and Wild Ales was formerly known as Former Future Brewing Company. The brewery started as a top-secret experiment that focused on brewing historical recipes in modern ways.

The brewery began production in 2014, and since then, they have won several awards at The Great American Beer Festival for their experimental wild ales. Their awards are not why people go to the brewery, but in fact, it is for the amazing taste and aroma of the sour beer they offer now.

After winning awards for their experimental wild ales, James and Sarah Howat decided to shift their focus to spontaneous fermentation. Spontaneous fermentation naturally occurs when the wild yeast and microorganisms are encouraged to propagate. It is the age-old method of fermenting that is rarely in use now due to the introduction of pure cultures or mixed cultures of yeast.

The Howats fermented the beer with bacteria from the air to make it sour, and with wild yeast to make it alcoholic. With a desire to reach a wider audience and their love for Belgian beers, the Howats transitioned from Former Future Brewing Company to Black Project Spontaneous and Wild Ales in 2016.

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What makes them one of the best?

The Black Project Spontaneous and Wild Ales brewery is not just one of the best, but also unique. Every beer there is fermented with microbes that are sought from nature or captured from the local environment via a coolship. Their brews are so unrivaled in complexity that they cannot be replicated anywhere apart from their brewery. To add to this, they purposefully allow the microbe cultures to evolve from batch to batch. This creates variations and unique, interesting twists to different releases of the same beer. Every beer brewed by Black Project is intended to have a sense of place or terroir.

Black Project brewery is very particular about designing beer recipes, as well as the processes that allow nature to take over and offer uniqueness to their beer. Their beer is unbeatable in beauty and complexity, which is constantly improved using new and different techniques that are developed through research and experimentation.

What is the best part of their brewery?

Have you heard of the coolship used by the Black Project Spontaneous and Wild Ales brewery? A coolship is a shallow, open fermentation tank that is designed specifically to capture the microbes that are unique to Colorado’s atmosphere. The resulting delectable beer brewed is just out of the world. Black Project is one of the very few places in Colorado that offers sour, funky, tart, and pungent flavors. It is also one of the few places that offer a tart, a pale golden ale that tastes like a salty lemonade that has come right out of a Vietnamese lexicon, and a hazy Indian Pale Ale that is filled with wild, earthy flavors and lacks bitterness. Every beer brewed here using the coolship is tastier and more flavorsome than any conventional beer that is on tap before they are canned or bottled.

Which is the best beer they brew?

The Black Project Spontaneous and Wild Ales brewery is known for adding a twist to different releases of the same beer. They have constantly been adding to their long list of tasty brews, making it more difficult to choose the best. Some of the best beers they brew that are unique to their brewery include:

  • Shadow Factory – Cranberry and Boysenberry: It is a standard beer designed for heavy fruit additions, such as raspberry, cranberry, boysenberry, blackberry, rhubarb, mango, and passionfruit. As all the sourness to the beer comes from the fruits, the acidity level varies from mid to high.
  • Cryptic: It is a simple yet enticing drink.
  • Covert – Blackberry: It is a drink that can make you feel like a royal who wants to rise and claim the throne.
  • Gray Ghost
  • Tigercat
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What to expect when you get there

Friendly staff and tasty beer are available in almost every brewery, but Black Project Spontaneous and Wild Ales has more to offer. They offer some jaw-puckering elixirs under the beer banner that will get your taste buds dancing with joy. With an ambiance that is perfect at any time of the day, Black Project offers a wide variety of spontaneously fermented beer that you will not find anywhere else.  Their lively and immensely friendly team will offer you help in choosing the right beer to satiate your taste buds.

What do the customers have to say?

Most of the customers who have reviewed the Black Project Spontaneous and Wild Ales brewery have one common thing to say: super-friendly staff, incredible music, and simply awesome beer. It seems as if every reviewer who has visited them has left as a happy customer. What’s more, the customers love the sparse and hip decoration and the friendly bartender who has an awesome memory and can easily remember customers by their names.

Most of the customers appreciate the spontaneously fermented ales, also called sour ales, offered by Black Project, and their evolving tap. Customers genuinely love their brews so much that they are willing to travel from different states just to savor the amazing sours offered. Though the brewery is almost always full, customers who love the place are willing to wait a while instead of driving to another place.

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