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Angry Chair Brewing

There are people in this world who give a lot of value to a name and choose their dining venue accordingly, and then there are people who give a lot of thought to it. Co-founders of Angry Chair Brewing, Ryan and Shane, are the latter. Their story isn’t like the others who fell in love with brewing beer and named their brewery after something related to beer. The name Angry Chair has a meaning to it that will make you wonder what gets you ticking.

What is the one thing that you dislike the most and gets you boiling with anger? To some people, it’s waiting in traffic, and for others, it’s a bad day at work. Everyone has a trigger, and that trigger is described as the Angry Chair. 

The Angry Chair is symbolic of something only you can overcome. The Angry Chair Brewing, on the other hand, is emblematic of a place, a situation, or time that you have experienced that has tested your patience, and you had to overcome that spark. Co-founders Ryan and Shane believe that every person has an Angry Chair, and only they can overcome the hurdles they face, and Angry Chair Brewing helps them in their endeavor.

Angry Chair Brewing is a 1,900-square feet brewery that has been optimally used. Accompanying the brewery is a 2,000-square feet barrel house. With an enthusiastic team and immense brewing talent, Angry Chair Brewing is an excellent place to visit, put up your feet, and relax.

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What makes them one of the best?

The Angry Chair Brewing is one of the best places to order a stout. They do brew other beers as well, such as sour and Indian Pale Ales, but if you want their best, then you must order a stout. With so many varieties to offer, you will find yourself visiting them more often than you plan to. The brewery is dedicated to brewing what the customers like to drink rather than offering what is common all over. What makes them the best is their team. Ben Romano, the head brewer, does magic with his amazing skills. He has been brewing since 2006 and has experimented successfully with brewing. With the smooth and refreshing choices they offer in their menu, the Angry Chair Brewing is one of the best breweries in Florida.

What is the best part of their brewery?

Ask any person who has been to Angry Chair Brewing, and you will hear the same answer – their variety of stouts. The best part of their brewery is what the name symbolizes and what the brewery provides. The brewery does make you overcome your Angry Chair with their refreshing and unique craft beers.

Angry Chair Brewing offers great choices in its taproom, sixteen options to be precise. The taproom also offers several menus from places that deliver food so that you can club your favorite food with your favorite beer. What’s more, the taproom provides seating that’s symbolic to Angry Chair as well.

Which is the best beer they brew?

When it comes to Angry Chair Brewing, it is a tough question to answer. Having been a part of the ‘beer is food’ movement, head brewer, Ben Romano, has created some unique tastes, such as the Imperial German Chocolate Cupcake Stout and the Double Stuffed Oreo Fudge Bucket. The decadent desserts turned into beer taste like liquid dessert, but even better. Some of their best beer include

  • Maple Walnut Popinski
  • Barrel-aged German Chocolate Cupcake Stout
  • Futile Confession
  • El Cucuy

The pastry stouts can be their best offer, but their popularity doesn’t stop there. Their sours and Indian Pale Ales are equally popular and acclaimed as well. Sometimes, the new releases are kept in the cooler in the taproom unannounced. Angry Chair Brewing calls it the ‘silent release,’ and the release is posted on social media once they are sold out.

What to expect when you get there

Like in any other brewery, you can expect to find freshly brewed beer served by a friendly team of Angry Chair Brewing staff. Starting from the co-founders Ryan and Shane, to the head brewer and the taproom staff, you can expect to be greeted and served by the friendliest people. Symbolic to their name, you will find a lot of tractor seats that indeed look angry! You are not in the brewery for the seats, but their lip-smacking and tantalizing beer, and that’s what you can expect there.

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What do the customers have to say?

The Angry Chair Brewing is nothing like any other brewery in Florida. Some of their customers say that they understand the need to take that huge gulp of their favorite beer and forget about their Angry Chair.

They have been reviewed to offer the best beer with a friendly attitude. While some customers call them a leader in brewing, others just love the variety that is offered by them. The place has something for everyone! Despite the numerous choices in the city, many Angry Chair Brewery customers prefer to stay logged in and enjoy the Angry Chair brews than try a new place. Now, that’s customer loyalty.

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