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New Park Brewing

Beer! One of the oldest and widely consumed alcoholic drink is getting better and better day by day. With the introduction of a craft brewery, there has been an increase in the demand for beer, as different tastes and flavors started to form a part of the beer industry. With increasing demand, opportunities opened up for breweries such as New Park Brewing and many others in the United States.

A journey that was long-planned and took several years to come into action is the journey of John Doyle and New Park Brewing. John Doyle, co-founder of New Park Brewing, always wanted to own a brewery while he worked in financial services.

It took five long years for West Hartford to officially reveal its first craft brewery ‘New Park Brewing.’ John Doyle had to wait until September 2015 to put his plan into action, for it was when West Hartford Town Council unanimously approved the ordinance change that permitted craft breweries in an industrial zone. For John Doyle, it was worth the wait, for the brewing company wanted the right place, the right team, and the right beer before it began. New Park Brewing was launched in March 2017 at West Hartford. 

John Doyle was introduced to Alex Dee by a friend working for Max Burger, who had spotted Alex Dee with samples of beer. Alex Dee was just beginning his PhD after a Master’s program in biomedical science at UConn when he met John Doyle.

Alex Dee was a beer enthusiast who happened to be brewing five gallons of beer at home over his stove using a home brewing kit he purchased from Brew and Wine Hobby in East Hartford. The story just started from there!

Alex Dee dropped out from his PhD program and co-founded the New Park Brewing with John Doyle. He is the head brewer, and his honey Indian Pale Ale recipe is popularly called ‘Hopiary’ and is a part of the New Park Brewing’s most demanded brews. Tom Atkins, who is a natural host and passionate about beer, joined Alex Dee and John Doyle a year later as the third co-founder of the New Park Brewing!

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What makes them one of the best?

Every beer sold by New Park Brewing has originality, as each is a blend with their recipe. They provide an outstanding choice of beers that are homebrewed to perfection. Their ‘on tap’ list includes flavors from apricot to porridge and taste just like heaven.

What makes them one of the best, apart from the variety they offer, is their service. They have food trucks as advertised, on-tap beer options, indoor as well as outdoor tables, excellent food, and the best host. What more can you ask for?

What is the best part of their brewery?

New Park Brewing was established in March 2017, and when they opened, they had just three beers on tap. Since then, they have established so well that they now provide a wide variety of choices on tap.

The most attractive part of the brewery is their energy level and the communal vibe. The brewery also features a food truck nearly every day the tasting room is open. As a guest, you can choose a wide variety of items from the truck to go with your beer; feel free to bring your own too. Now that’s something not many breweries offer!

Which is the best beer they brew?

New Park Brewing was established on their most famous drink, ‘Hopiary,’ a double Indian Pale Ale featuring flavors of toasty oats, tropical fruits, floral honey, and pine needles. The brewery introduced a host of new flavors to the locals around and established themselves as one of the best breweries around. They even entered into competition with their homebrew ‘Cloudbreak,’ a hoppy Indian Pale Ale brewed with flaked and malted wheat that also included notes of grapefruit and cantaloupe. But recently, they gained popularity for the Blenders series and hazy Indian Pale Ales.

Customers love their Blender-Cherry, which is a Berliner Weisse, and Indian Pale Ale Wavelength, made with pineapple and orange. Some of the other brews brewed by the New Park Brewing include Blender Roll-up, Lumin, Expression: Three, Blender Boysenberry, and Double Cloud.

There is a lot more coming your way with fresh brews being introduced in February 2020. The Expression Seventeen brewed with Maris Otter, Munich malt, and flaked oats will be offered in cans along with Blender Kiliki and Headband.

The Blender Kiliki is Berliner Weisse, which is hopped with Mosaic and then conditioned on massive amounts of tangerine, pineapple, and passionfruit. The Headband features Double Indian Pale Ale brewed with malted wheat and Munich malt and flavored with tangerine, papaya, and orange juice. New Park Brewing has also introduced cans of Blender Apricot, Blender Boysenberry, Blender Raspberry, Double Cloud, and Porridge.

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What to expect when you get there?

We all have a habit of setting high expectations of something we’ve heard so much about. The best part is, New Park Brewing has managed to keep them up by providing what’s promised. While some believe that the brewery is hyped, it has lived up to its fame with the most flavorsome beer you can get your hands on in the area.

The combination of the delicious food from the different food trucks that always wait patiently outside with the mesmerizing beer is something to look forward to. Thanks to the brewery’s ‘outside food welcome’ policy, there is no limitation to the food choice. What you can expect is a crowded brewery offering the best beer that goes well with your food!


  • Monday to Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday to Thursday: 5 pm to 9 pm
  • Friday: 4pm to 10pm
  • Saturday: 12 pm to 10pm
  • Sunday: 12 pm to 5 pm

They also add summer Thursday hours for the months of July and August.

Contact and visit them!

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