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Two Villains Brewing

Friends rejoiced when two of their own made it big in the big, bad town of New York. Located on the Main Street in downtown Nyack, Two Villains has beer and drinks as interesting as its name. The story began several years back, but officially, in mid-November 2019, the doors of Two Villains opened to the public. They initially started by offering five types of beers and no food but have now graduated to a larger variety of beers, plus a whole food menu to complement your drinks. They’ve barely begun but have already earned a reputation for being a well-run establishment that offers greats cream ales, stouts, and IPAs.

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More About Two Villains

You won’t find a website that talks about Two Villains, but they are quite active on Instagram where they announce their releases. But you don’t need the internet or social media to discover the fun drinks and atmosphere at Two Villains. You can walk into the brewpub any day of the week, though their working hours vary a bit depending on the day you visit it. Although they had to start off on a low level, the owners of Transient have always envisioned it to be a full-fledged brewpub. As of February 2020, less than a year after they opened, they have included appetizers, salads, sides, sandwiches, and dishes such as chicken fries and fried pickles to their menu.

The interiors are decorated with wooden tables and stools, and the overall atmosphere is inviting for both cozy couples and large groups of friends. The place is also known to be kid-friendly, with the younger ones becoming big fans of their excellent dishes. An interesting feature that will surely capture the lovers of comics of any age group is an entire wall dedicated to superhero posters and old comics. The play on the name of the brewery and their love for comics adds an endearing touch to the whole experience.

Just a short distance away from the seating arrangements, you can find the brewery tanks where the beers are made. Some of the popular drinks, like Gummy World, Sol Eater, and Neighbor Cat have been big hits with the crowds from the day they were added to the menu. The owners of the place are Travis Koester and Mike Solicito, who, apart from being beer enthusiasts, also lead a full, professional life in other fields. Koester also owns another beer place in Nyack called The Local Tap House of Nyack, and Solicito’s Linkedin profile proclaims that he has been in the profession of educating young minds for more than 19 years now.

Two Villains, like many other breweries, has become the heart and soul of the young and cool crowds of any city. But more than that, the owners believe in offering a social place where people can sit and enjoy a wide variety of really fresh and well-crafted drinks, no matter what their age and background is. They have managed to become the darling of the economy, as well as caught the eye of people who wanted to try something new in terms of beer and food.

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What Customers Have to Say

They currently have roughly eight to nine types of beers available on tap. But if you want to try something more adventurous or are with a group of friends of which a few are not craft beer fans, then Two Villains offers other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages too. Most of the reviews are actually based on how entertaining a spot this can be for large group of friends who have a wide variety of interests in liquors. Another interesting feature that seems to have captured the interest of Two Villains fans is the array of unique dishes and drinks they have to offer, such as kolsch and grisette. So they are not only confident about serving some of the best drinks created by a vivid imagination and yummy ingredients, they are also becoming popular for their dishes.

Many people who have visited Two Villains for the first time are eager to repeat the experience because of every detail in the brewery, which includes the drinks, the reasonable prices of beers, the friendly atmosphere, and the quick and friendly service. Several customers have made it a point of mentioning how they visited the place based on online reviews and are happy they did so. The inclusion of drinks that can impress a large variety of the crowd has especially worked in favor of Two Villains.

From brewing in small batches to being functional almost the entire week, the fairly new place has managed to hold steady until now. Their fans hope the trend only continues, and they add more to their drink menu. The addition of great food has been lauded, and now fans are eagerly looking forward to some gourmet, special dishes being added to the menu. The owners have remained interested in making the place capable of offering the full fun experience – food, drinks, and good staff, so fans are safe in their assumption of expecting much better offerings from Two Villains.

If you’re up for trying some delicious beer and equally tasty food, you can visit Two Villains Brewing, located at 132 Main St., Nyack, New York. For more information about their hours and events, you can contact them by phone at 845-480-5495.

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