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Tilted Barn Brewery

Tilted Barn Brewery is Rhode Island’s first farm brewery. You can walk through the fields on the brewery premises here and examine the ingredients that make up Tilted Barn’s artisanal ales. If a farm-to-pint experience and lounging about with a drink at an ancient barn sounds enjoyable to you, then Tilted Barn Brewery should be on your to-visit brewery list.

Tilted Barn Brewery, located at 1 Hemsley Place, Exeter, Rhode Island, is open for tastings and pour-overs from Thursday to Sunday. Besides on-site tastings and 10 oz pours, you can also avail cans of their brew offerings. While most of the beer made available here are ales, you might even be treated to the occasional Pilsner or Weisse.

Matt and Kara Richardson opened the Tilted Barn Brewery, building on the success of their commercial hop farm – Ocean State Hops. After supplying hops to homebrewers and breweries in Rhode Island, they decided to open a brewery themselves that would serve freshly handcrafted beer, and thus, Tilted Barn Brewery was born.

The brewery is located in a century-old barn in Exeter, Rhode Island, which belongs to Kara’s family. The idea behind the conception of the brewery was to continue Kara’s family tradition of farming but adding a craft beer twist along the way.

Every tour of the brewery not only allows you to see and smell the very ingredients going into your beer, but it also informs you about the history of farming in the area and, largely, hop farming in New England. Matt and Kara, through their efforts, want to reintroduce the lost tradition of hop farming and farm brewery in the New England area.

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Beers Made Available

Given below are some of the brews currently sold at the Tilted Barn Brewery:

  • The Other One DIPA: American Double IPA with 7.9% ABV, brewed with multiple dry hops and contains strong flavor notes of tropical fruit, citrus rinds, and dank mango.
  • The Chosen One DIPA: American Double IPA with 8.5% ABV, filled with a ton of hops
  • Milo’s Phoenix (Propagator #1): American IPA with a 6.8% ABV, belonging to a series of Tilted Barn’s experimental hoppy beers
  • Cactus: American Double IPA with 7.5% ABV, subtle fruit flavors of mango, pineapple, and guava and provides a soft mouthfeel
  • Free Range IPA: American IPA with 6.9% ABV, brewed with Mosaic and Simcoe hops, notes of citrus peels and tropical fruit
  • Early Riser IPA: American IPA made with 7.2% ABV, handpicked American and New Zealand hops with strong citrus fruit and pine flavors and aroma
  • Peeptoad Pale Ale: American Pale Ale with 6.8% ABV, straw-colored with strong citrus and tropical fruit notes
  • First Harvest: Mosaic Dry Hopped: American Pale Ale with 6.2% ABV, contains Mosaic hops, citrus, and tropical flavors
  • First Harvest Pale Ale: American Pale Ale with 7% ABV, bright and straw-colored and focused on hop aroma
  • Second Harvest Pale Ale: American Pale Ale with 6.2% ABV, hazy and straw-colored brew with juicy fruit flavor notes, such as mango, peach, and tropical fruit
  • Propagator #2: American Pale Ale with 6.5% ABV, orange hue and soft, well-rounded mouthfeel, aromas of mango, peach, and subtle tropical fruit
  • Propagator #3: American IPA with 6.8% ABV, soft and round mouthfeel, brewed in combination with New Zealand and experimental American hops
  • Propagator #4: American Pale Ale with 6% ABV, fourth installment of the experimental hop series
  • Propagator #5: Rye American IPA with 7.6% ABV, double dry-hopped with Cacade hops, Vic Secret, and Mosaic
  • Propagator #6: American IPA with 7.6%, brewed almost entirely with southern hemisphere hops
  • Libby (w/ Citra): American Blonde Ale with 5% ABV, brewed with Citra hops, crisp beer with a clean finish
  • Libby (w/ Cashmere): American Blonde Ale with 5% ABV, brewed with Cashmere hops, melon flavor and aroma with subtle hints of coconut
  • Libby (w/ Galaxy): American Blonde Ale with 5% ABV, brewed with Galaxy hops, hazy and fruity with a clean finish
  • Libby (w/ Nelson Sauvin): American Blonde Ale with 5% ABV, brewed with Nelson Sauvin hops, clean finish with passion fruit flavor and aroma
  • Libby (w/ Victoria Secret): American Blonde Ale with 5% ABV, featuring Victoria Secret hops, tropical fruit flavor, and aroma with a clean finish
  • Violet (The Original Farm Girl): Floral and citrusy American IPA with 6.8% ABV, Pilsner malt base, loaded with American hops
  • Spruced: American Pale Wheat Ale with 5.9% ABV, made with Equinox hops and spruce tips harvested from Tilted Barn Brewery’s own Christmas trees
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What Customers Like

Customers of Tilted Barn Brewery love the range of exquisite IPAs made available by the brewery. Spruced, Cactus, Violet, Peeptoad, and Milo’s Phoenix are some of the brews here that come highly recommended.

The brewery provides a warm and cozy ambiance and will suit you just right if you’re looking for a rustic beer drinking experience. The owners and staff are friendly and welcoming. Food is not made available at the brewery, but you can buy your food from the food trucks parked outside to enjoy with your beer.

Seating consists of picnic tables around a pond on the farm outside. Tilted Barn Brewery can sometimes get crowded, so if you want to lounge around the barn, be sure to pack a blanket to seat yourself.

You will find good, affordable beer here and can drop in for a tasting with your kids in tow. There is ample parking space provided for visitors driving into the brewery, so parking your vehicle will not be a problem. All you need to enjoy a warm summer day with delicious beer at Rhode Island is a visit to the Tilted Barn Brewery with a friend or two.

If you come alone, you can play with the barn’s adorable pet Labradors or pick up a book to entertain yourself from the free lending library on-site.

Visit their website or call 401-500-6765 to plan your visit to the Tilted Barn Brewery better.

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