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Suarez Family Brewery

The Suarez Family Brewery in New York is a charming little brewery that describes itself as “a mom and pop production brewery.” They specialize in offering unfiltered lagers, ales of mixed fermentation, and other such crispy and satisfying cold brews. The Suarez Family Brewery only offers pours, most of which have an ABV below 6%, so if you’re looking for a beer tasting experience centered around a slow-lingering appreciation of nuanced brewed beverages, you will be content with what this brewery has in store.

You’d be surprised at the origin of what is now the Suarez Family Brewery. The business currently functions out of a garage space which once belonged to a tractor dealership. Walk into this garage today, and you will find barrels that contain mixed-fermentation ales. A black spray foamed fermentor is also present, borrowed from Vermont’s Alchemist Pub & Brewery. The fermenter is mainly used for fruited-sour production purposes. The storage space behind this garage has packaged bottles lying around for conditioning. You may even find a bunch of elderflower plants drying on the windowsill, destined to be mixed in with a later batch of brews.

A Brewery that Prides Itself in Taking Things Slow

Dan Suarez of the Suarez Family Brewery in Hudson Valley, New York has been professionally engaged in the brewing business for almost a decade now. Even longer than this, he had been homebrewing beers. Dan started off his brewing career with Sixpoint Brewery, Brooklyn and also spent time working for a pilot system. He is aware of all the beer trends in the industry but subscribes to none of it. The Suarez Family Brewery likes to offer beer that is functional and comforting. You will not find loud packaged cans or overwhelming flavor concoctions in the beers made available here. The Suarez Family Brewery beers are also low alcohol-content brews. They won’t give you a hangover, but they will give you the mellow high that many seek. The idea is to get you relaxed. Drop by to the Suarez Family Brewery, and you will not find any long queues waiting to get their pour. The ambiance of the brewery only draws in those who are serious about their beer, as opposed to the frenzy that surrounds posting an update of it on social media.

Image by Suarez Family Brewery on Google Maps

Quality Beer Made with Careful Attention

The beer you’ll find at the Suarez Family Brewery has been brewed in earnest, staying true to the technique and process of beer-brewing. It is simple and sincere, with a few alterations to the brewing procedure, which bring novelty to its taste. At this brewery, the beer is the main focus. The place does not boast of loud music nor any showy furniture. The brewery’s taproom is clean and tidy, reflecting this sentiment. The combination of these simple elements bring you a sense of comfort and familiarity when you step inside the door.

Suarez Family Brewery is not the next “it” brewery, as the founders have no appetite for social media fame. It is their attempt to provide lovers of beer with a rounded and down-to-earth beer drinking experience which they will appreciate and want to come back for. They wish to cut themselves a niche from the chaotic brewery scene and provide organic wholesome beers which tell their own story.

Brews on the Menu

You can get your Suarez Family Brewery beers on tap, in cans, or bottled. There is also a Vintage Bottle List of brews that you can only pick up from the brewery premises on Wednesday and Sundays.

Beers on Tap

You will find the following beers on tap. You can fill your glasses to drink within the brewery or get your growlers to carry the same.

  • Estimation: Dusseldorf-style altbier
  • River: Czech dark lager
  • Stands to Reason: Dark smoked lager
  • Bones Shirt: Black lager

While you can fill your growlers with the beers available on tap in the above list, the beers listed below do not permit grolwer fills. They are, however, sold in cans.

  • Qualify Pils: Hop-accented unfiltered German-style pils
  • Homespun: Hoppy spelt pale ale
  • Ms. Frank: Franconian keller lager
  • Settle Down; Country wit beer brewed with lemon verbena

Bottled Beer

All bottled beers are sold in 750 ml quantities, unless expressly stated otherwise.

  • Crescent: Belgian inspired refreshing beer brewed with emmer, sold in 500ml bottles.
  • Merkel Montmorency Pale: Pale country beer brewed with Montmorency cherries, made available in 500ml bottles.
  • Whistlin’: Lemongrass country beer
  • Settle Down


You can pick up a 4-pack of 16 oz cans for the following brews:

  • Homespun
  • Ms. Frank
  • Qualify Pils
  • Hecto – Hoppy pale ale

Vintage Bottle List

  • Leifer 2018
  • Domain 4
  • Lo and Behold Cherry
  • Merkel Montmorency (Pale) 2018

Other Sales

If you have a teetotaller accompanying you to the brewery, they can help themselves to the delicious Yesfolk Tonics Kombucha. You can pick up a T-shirt or SFB glassware as a keepsake from your visit to the Suarez Family Brewery.

Image by Timothy O’Connor on Google Maps

Contact Details and Other Information

This brewery is thoroughly a family-friendly establishment, and you can drop by for a pour of your favorite beer with your entire family in tow. Carry your own growlers; they won’t mind. Fresh handmade pretzels are served at the Suarez Family Brewery tasting room as an accompaniment with your brews. If you wish to get your own food along, you are allowed to do so as well.

The Suarez Family Brewery plans to open a can shack soon, which will serve lemonade, helles, and a shandy mixed from the two. While the Suarez Family Brewery tasting room is not pet-friendly, the bar will allow you to bring your pet friends along.

If you like the Suarez Family Brewery and want to introduce your friends and family to the wealth of quality brews on sale here, you can buy them gift cards from the brewery. You can even book the tasting room for a private event!

The Suarez Family Brewery tasting room is open to the public on Wednesdays and from Friday through Sunday. The physical address for the brewery is 2278 U.S. 9, Hudson, New York. You can also call and contact the Suarez Family Brewery at 518-537-6464 or visit them on their official website.

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