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Slice Beer Company

Slice Beer Company is a cozy and intimate microbrewery, which recently opened shop in Lincoln, California. The brewery runs an adjoining taproom with an area of approximately 500 sq. ft, where they serve up a heavily-rotated offering of beers. The brewery sees itself as being able to provide customers with fresh, hoppy, west coast, and hazy IPAs. However, they preach a “culture of fresh” and are open to experimenting with their brews and offering up innovative beers to their patron’s delight. Slice Beer Company packs within itself a 10 BBL brewhouse, where it houses 20 BBL fermenters in a 1,100 sq. ft space.

Brewmaster Zack Frasher is behind the helm of the Slice Beer Company. Frasher worked as founding head brewer and operations manager for the wildly popular brewery Moonraker in Sacramento before co-founding Slice Beer Company. Frasher also has experience working in other breweries, such as Knee Deep and Mraz Brewing, as well as a long history with homebrewing. Today, he is an award-winning brewer with his own brewery to boot. Zack nurses a passion for craft beer and thinks of a brewmaster as no less than a chef, curating unique beer drinking experiences for his customers.

The other co-founder and CEO of Slice Beer Company is Russ Yeager, marketing director at Old Town Pizza. Yeager has always been enthusiastic about beer and has worked as an industry supplier and traveled to various reputed beer festivals all over the country. In 2015, Russ decided to offer a selection of 24 beers on draft at OTP. Fast forward to now, and you’ll see that the man has taken his love for beer to the ultimate level and is now co-founder of Slice Beer Co.

What to Expect

Drop by 665 6th Street in Lincoln, California, or call 916-408-6889 for any inquiries. The Slice Beer Company is open to the public every day of the week. You can visit their official webpage before planning your visit to get the best experience the microbrewery has to offer.

When you walk into Slice Beer Co.’s taproom, you will find two televisions to keep yourself entertained as you sip into their brews. For those who’d like some sunlight and breeze while they experience their beer, the taproom has a roll-up door that gives way to a small outdoor patio.

The Slice Beer Company’s strength is its ability to produce small batches of beer made with high-quality ingredients and soft-local water, which guarantees freshness with each sip. The focus here is on hop-forward beers, along with stout and your classic old styles. So bring your wide brim growlers or even crowlers and have them filled at the Slice Beer Co. taproom to enjoy back at home. You can also enjoy outside food at their taproom, sourced from the many restaurants in the neighborhood. No reason for you to not enjoy a pour of their freshest brew at the microbrewery itself!

Slice Beer Company also sells gift cards for you to gift your friends and family via Extend the wonderful experience you’ve had at Slice Beer Co. to others via this gift card, and they’ll appreciate you for it.

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What’s on the Menu?

Currently, Slice Beer Company sells the following fourteen brews to patrons. Serving sizes differ for each beer and range between 5 oz, 10 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz crowler, 32 oz growler, 64 oz growler, and the occasional 4 pack of cans.

  • Wombo: West Coast Triple IPA with Mosaic and Simcoe, 10.2% ABV
  • Turbo Nectar: Hazy Double IPA with Galaxy and Citra, 8.1% ABV
  • Rollin’ Broccoli: West Coast Double IPA with Mosaic and Ekuanot, 8.5% ABV
  • Oh, Wow!: Blond Ale, 5% ABV
  • Macaroni Necklace: Hazy IPA with Nelson, Mosaic, and Citra, 6.8% ABV
  • Liquid Arts: Hazy Double IPA with Mosaic and Strata, 8.1% ABV
  • Kachow: Hazy IPA with Enigma, Citra, and Simcoe, 6.6% ABV
  • Kitty Milk: Hazy IPA with The Bruce and Citra, 6.5% ABV
  • Fuzzy Dreams: Hazy Double IPA with Citra and Amarillo, 8.2% ABV
  • Hand Candy: Juicy IPA with Toasted Coconut, Lactose, and Citra, Sabro Hops, 7% ABV
  • Dripping Moon: Pastry Stout with Hazelnut, Coffee, and Vanilla, 13.1% ABV
  • Extra Toppings (Cellarmaker Collab): Hazy Double IPA with Nelson and Strata, 8.3% ABV
  • After School Special: West Coast IPA with Mosaic and Citra, 7% ABV
  • Doobie Snacks: West Coast Double IPA with Mosaic, Simcoe, Citra, and CTZ, 8.5% ABV
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What Customers Like

Slice Beer Company offers a delectable range of IPAs, and when paired with pizzas from Old Town Pizza, the experience you have is mouthwatering and unforgettable. The hospitality of the owners and staff is also heart-winning. Although the space is not very expansive, the friendliness of the staff makes your drinking experience all the more intimate. If a cozy beer drinking experience is what you’re after, the Slice Beer Company is sure to put a smile on your face.

The microbrewery is quickly gaining popularity in the locality of Lincoln and even outside, so much so that patrons are now driving miles with the express intention of spending some time here and tasting Slice Beer Co.’s quality brews. If that doesn’t testify for the high quality of beers served here, little else will.

Among the beers sold, Hand Candy, Turbo Nectar, and Multiple Dimensions seem to be stand out crowd favorites. All of Slice Beer Company’s brews provide a consistency in their individual flavor profile, which takes years to master. Zack Frasher’s years of homebrewing experience reflects in these beers, and the discerning customer can tell the expert technique he uses to combine hops into his brews.

Overall, customers love how warm and cozy the Slice Beer Company is. They are happy with the conversation offered by the bartender and the delicious brews on offer. Additionally, the convenience of ordering in food from other restaurants in the locality to pair with their brews is rare to breweries of this nature. These offerings truly elevate the customer experience offered by Slice Beer Co. more than just a few notches higher. The Slice Beer Company is open to the public every day of the week, so visit them to witness an unforgettable beer-tasting experience.

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