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Post & Beam Brewing

Post & Beam Brewing in New Hampshire is Mount Vernon couple Erika Rosenfeld and Jeff Odland’s brainchild. Post & Beam Brewing opened its doors to residents and visitors of New Hampshire in July 2018 and hasn’t looked back since.

The brewery is housed in the town’s 3,100 square foot old Civil War veteran’s hall. The massive renovation project took almost a year to be completed, with plenty of monetary help received via crowdfunding. Individuals who contributed to crowdfunding the completion of the renovation received exclusive Post & Beam Brewing merchandise and social media mentions.

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How to Plan Your Visit

Post & Beam Brewing is located at a walking distance from the Monadnock Center for History & Culture. So if you’ve visited the cultural center and need a place to unwind with some freshly brewed beer and pub food, Post & Beam Brewing should be on your agenda. The brewery offers an extremely cozy and accommodating vibe to visitors, and you can unhesitatingly put your feet up and unwind. The service provided at Post & Beam is vouched for, and customers appreciate the friendly staff who works here.

Post & Beam Brewing serves a range of different beers that covers everything from stouts to IPAs. However, the stouts here are worth mentioning even more than the IPAs. You can order a flight sampler if you’re unable to decisively make your pick.

The brewery offers an outdoor seating space, so you can take in your rustic surroundings better. The beautiful town of New Hampshire is a sight to behold from Post & Beam Brewing’s outdoor patio near the river. Few places in the locality could provide the ambiance as cut out for a romantic date as this one. Food is also provided, so hunger will not be an issue. You can also order in from neighboring restaurants here if you wish to. The authorities won’t mind.

The interiors of the old GAR hall has been preserved, so if you’re fond of history, you’ll probably find it amusing to visit a brewery housed in such a historically significant site. Beers which have been recommended are:

  • The Imp: Scotch malt
  • Old Town: New England style IPA
  • Mojo Nixon : New England style IPA
  • Butcher Holler: Grisette
  • Boxcar: Saison
  • Sunshine & Sorrow: Pilsner
  • Bandit Hat: Dry stout

Friendly owners and welcoming staff make this one of the best breweries you could visit in the New Hampshire area. Whether you come alone or with a friend, you are sure to have a good time all the same!

Why Make a Visit?

If you’re a resident of New Hampshire or simply passing by, the Post & Beam Brewing should be on your to-visit list. It is a wonderful taproom and brewery with a limited selection of quality beer, hospitable owners, great staff, and a charming ambiance. The tables at Post & Beam Brewing even come with Trivial Pursuit questions.

The focus is on the beer here, so while you will be able to order your buffalo chicken dip with chips or fried artichokes, the food menu is still limited. However, that is nothing to worry about as there is an abundance of restaurants in the neighborhood that you can easily order in from to wash down your beer. Sometimes, they’ll have food trucks parked near the premises too.

With an old-world heritage ambience, beautiful lighting, and a roomy outdoor area, why wouldn’t you want to visit? You can also pick up your share of Post & Beam Brewing merchandise if you’re fond of collecting bar merch from your visits.

Delectable saisons make this brewery a pleasurable visit. Customers have promised to keep making repeat visits, and residents of New Hampshire are glad they can now visit a place like Post & Beam on a regular basis. In fact, they believe the brewery should market more and share their brewed gifts with a wider base of people. If you do not have the time to spare for a sit-down visit, you can sample Post & Beam Brewing cold brews via growler fills to-go.

A brewery such as Post & Beam is an unlikely find in New Hampshire and quite the hidden gem. They serve IPAs which aren’t very hoppy, providing a rich flavor and minimal bitterness on drinking. A beautiful setting and tastefully crafted artisanal beer make this brewery a standout.

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Plan Your Trip Now

If you want a drink or two of delicious craft beer in a picturesque setting when in New Hampshire, Post & Beam Brewing is a must-visit. You will find a range of different styles of beer being offered in a rustic and aesthetic ambiance. The service at Post & Beams is unparalleled, with a team of ready workers always at your service. You can ask them for the history behind the brewery or how the brews came to be made, and you will find that they are knowledgeable about all of this and more.

While the brewery does have an outdoor patio, not many dog walkers have visited thus far. However, that should not deter you from bringing in your four-legged friend. Post & Beam Brewing does not discourage underage visitors, as long as they are accompanied by responsible adults. Of course, you must be of drinking age to sample any of their alcoholic beverages.

Call your friends up or gather your family around and come down to this charming old-fashioned brewery and taproom. Post & Beam Brewing is unlikely to disappoint. If you’ve had enough of the hazy IPA craze, you will particularly appreciate the delightful saisons and creamy stouts on offer here.

If you lack company, you can surely visit alone. Bring a book as you lounge around on the riverside patio, turning pages. Similarly, the staff at Post & Beam will leave no stone unturned to make you feel at home, offering their company and conversation generously.

The Post & Beam Brewery is located at 40 Grove St, Peterborough, New Hampshire. For more information about their beers, you can contact them by phone at 603-784-5361 or visit their official website.

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