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Mad Paddle Brewery

Need a great craft beer from a brewery with love for Madison’s beer brewing heritage? If yes, then that’s Mad Paddle Brewery for you.

The Mad Paddle Brewery Saga

Madison, Indiana has a rich history of brewing great craft beer from 1823 to 1918. Madison was one of the first brewing cities west of Alleghenies.

Honoring this very tradition, Mad Paddle Brewery was established by the Wade Brothers in 2018. The Mad Paddle Brewery’s quest is to resurrect Madison city’s beer brewing heritage and restore its greatness.

Although it has been just a few years since it opened, the Mad Paddle Brewery has proved itself a worthy competitor, with customers flocking in from near and far to get a load of their freshly brewed beer and some good times.

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What to Expect

Ranking in at #5 on Tripadvisor’s Top Attractions in Madison is the Mad Paddle Brewery. There is a lot of history attached to this place, especially considering that the Wade brothers transformed a feed mill built in the late 1800s into a taproom and brewery. The location is beautiful, with an old, quaint, and dignified building standing strong against the tide of time.

The brewery advertises itself as being family and pet friendly, and customers noted the casual and pleasant atmosphere. The brewery also has an outdoor patio. On Thursday’s they host Trivia night, and on Saturday’s there is a food truck available.

Other than that, there’s always something new happening at the brewery – like limited edition beers, game nights, and events like build your brewery, Brushes and Brews, and more.

The Beer

Mad Paddle brewery’s love for beer is evident, but what’s interesting and unique about this place is that every beer they brew is linked to a history, a memory, or a concept.

The brewery brews a variety of beers in different styles, like American IPAs, red ales, cream ales, blond ales, stout milk/sweet German pilsners, and witbiers. The brewery has over 20 original brews. They also experiment with different flavors and aromas, fruit, coffee, chocolate, milk, and more. Let’s take a look at some of their beers.

Image by Mad Paddle Brewery on Google Maps

Wicked Blond Ale

The debut beer of the Mad Paddle Brewery, this beer was brewed to mark the 100-year anniversary of Madison’s beer brewing heritage. Wicked Blonde Ale pours a golden hue. The beer is crisp and refreshing, filled with clean malt flavors and a slight bitterness. According to the brewers, this beer was brewed specifically for fans who enjoy a slow cruise down the river.

Ya Gotta Regatta Wit

A light beer with only 3.8% ABV. Ya Gotta Regatta Wit is a witbier, or Belgian white ale, which is a unique style originating from Belgium. The appearance of this beer is pale and hazy. The beer has a delicious spice mix of coriander, chamomile, and orange peel.

The brew is linked to Madison, as it honors the Madison Regatta hydroplane boat race, which happens every year on Independence Day weekend at the Ohio River. What’s fascinating about this race is that not only was it contested in the 1930s, it also inspired a movie titled Madison in 2005.

Three Turns IPA

Brewed to be enjoyed on hot summer and fall days with live music and barbecue, Three Turns Session IPA is crisp and refreshing with layers of hop flavors and aroma. Dedicated to the Ohio River and its twists and turns, this beer smells of citrus, mango, and pine. The beer is low in bitterness, making it a good introductory IPA for the beginner.

Irwin Irish Red Ale

Named after the family that once owned the mill upon which the Mad Paddle Brewery is now nestled in, the Irwin Irish Red Ale is a traditional amber ale. This beer has 5.3% ABV. Pouring an amber red color, the Maris Otter malt in it brings a nice bready flavor. The caramel malt in the beer creates a toasty flavor, and the aroma is floral with light bitterness.

Rooftop IPA

This beer is a winner. The rooftop IPA was awarded the gold medal for IPAs at the 2013 Indiana Brewer’s cup. With 7.4% ABV, this beer pours a beautiful golden hue. Dry-hopped with cascade, this beer has a smooth mouthfeel, and the finishing is a strong, bold bitterness.

Reuben Wells

The 10th beer to be brewed by Mad Paddle Brewery is the Reuben Wells, which is an oatmeal stout produced by their brewer Tonie Wycoff. This beer has a beautiful dark maroon hue with limited foam. It is a full-flavored beer with a nice mouth taste and a smooth finish.

Interestingly, Reuben Wells was named after the 56-ton train engine that began traversing the Madison incline, which was the steepest railroad track in North America in 1868. The train engine was reportedly heavy enough to cling to the tracks without cogs.

Quad Up!

One of the strongest beers of the brewery with 9.0% ABV, this is the Quad Up! This beer was brewed in honor of the four large breweries from Madison’s past – Greiner, Salmon, Madison and Union. Inspired by classic Belgian beer, Quad Up! includes traditional Belgian yeast, which gives it a nice banana and vanilla flavor. It also has coffee that mixes with the roasted malt, giving it a unique and aromatic flavor. The brewers recommend this beer with rich chocolate desserts and roasted meats.

Peanut Butter Milk Stout

Then, there’s the dessert sounding beer called the Peanut Butter Milk Stout. How one decides to brew beer with peanut butter is a mystery, but the combination is amazing. With the richness of the peanut butter teamed with rich milk chocolate, here’s dessert everyone.

“Some Came Hopping” Hazy Kiwi IPA

Ten pounds per barrel of fresh kiwis were used to brew this beautiful beer, creating a mild topical flavor. The kiwis were sourced from a local place called Dattilo Fruit Company. Interestingly this beer is named after the Hollywood movie “Some Came Running,” which was filmed in Madison in 1958.

Of course, there are more, but why don’t you step into this amazing brewery for great craft beer and more lessons on Madison’s history.

You can find the Mad Paddle Brewery located on 301 West Street 47250, Madison, Indiana. You can contact the brewery by phone at 812-274-0595 or visit their official website for more information.

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