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Kills Boro Brewing Company

Philip Gardner and Sean Torres, childhood friends and beer lovers, started brewing their beer at home with an aim to save a few bucks. Their hobby of homebrewing turned into a passion, and they started a home brewing club called Pour Standards to connect with other homebrewers. The club members met once a month to share their pourable results and understand how to make themselves better.

Gardner and Torres developed a friendship with club member Patrick Wade, a like-minded homebrewer who loved craft beer. Pour Standards, the brewing club, continued to exist and started an annual fundraiser called Brew for Autism for Autism Speaks, whose second annual event was attended by Vincent Lima, a restaurateur. Vincent Lima enjoyed the beer so much that he got together with the trio, and they decided to open a brewery.

The group of home brewers went commercial and opened the brewery in a cramped space in the back of a BBQ restaurant. They started making pints for the public and decided to work their way up from there, and in 2017, they opened Kills Boro Brewing Company on Staten Island’s North Shore.

The Kills Boro Brewing Company shares space with the Craft House, which also doubles as the brewery’s taproom. Housed at the Craft House restaurant in Stapleton, they are the Island’s first and only brewpub. From kegs and pints to gallons, the Kills Boro Brewing Company has come a long way and is expected to find more success in the years to come.

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Their Best Brews

The Kills Boro Brewing Company is a 10-barrel brewery that specializes in craft beers. They have some amazing collection of craft brews under their banner that are irresistible. Some of their best brews include:

  • Rip It, Hardcore
  • Gimmi, Gimmi Raspberry Red Grape
  • Gimmi, Gimmi Blackberry Peach
  • Linzer Tart
  • Three Card Monte
  • With Wild Abandon
  • Pineapple Tart

When the group of home brewers started Kills Boro Brewing Company in the back of an existing barbecue restaurant and craft beer bar, they didn’t expect to be recognized as one of the best. After working diligently to improve themselves, the small yet extremely ambitious brewery has doubled its capacity. 

What to Expect

A fifteen-minute-walk away from the Staten Island Ferry, the Kills Boro Brewing Company is the third brewery in the borough after Flagship Brewing Company and the Staten Island Beer Company. The atmosphere in the Kills Boro Brewing Company changes according to the weather in the area. The brewery offers different types of entertainment, varying from small events to belly dance performances. The brewpub is always abuzz with beer enthusiasts joining together to have a good time or with groups of friends celebrating together. Several events are hosted here, which undoubtedly brightens the place with amazing music by several DJs.

The brewing market had vanished from the island for several decades, and with Kills Boro Brewing Company, a resurgence occurred that has changed how the island celebrates. You can expect to see people celebrating small accomplishments as well as big achievements here. All in all, it is a “happy place” filled with happy people who simply want to enjoy their drink.

Image by Kills Boro Brewing Company on Google Maps

In the News

The brewery was already in the news even before it opened doors to the public. The New York Times printed a piece on breweries in New York City, which was once a brewery desert. It mentioned Kills Boro Brewing Company as a new brewery in the St. George neighborhood of Staten Island and gave a small introduction to the brewery and the founders.

The Kills Boro Brewing Company is widely recognized in the area for their unique craft beers and the success they have gained after their inception, just a couple of years back.

What the Customers Say

There are many ways in which a brewpub can be described, but one of the simplest and the best description is “delicious,” which describes everything the beer is. Kills Boro Brewing Company, which shares space with restaurant Craft House, serves authentic Mediterranean food that is not just delicious, but a perfect combination to go with the freshly-brewed beer offered.

From the staff that works there to the beer and food offered, everything has been described as excellent. A lot of customers felt that the staff was friendly and courteous, which made their experience a memorable one. Everyone who worked there is recognized as being knowledgeable, indicating that they knew what was on the menu, what they were famous for, and what the customers were there for.

Several customers appreciated the creative beers that were offered to them, which often change from time to time. Every time they visit, there is something new and better to taste. The bartenders were not only friendly, but also recommended the best to every customer who needed help to choose. Even though it is a new and upcoming brewpub, it has already established itself as a phenomenal brewpub that offers top-notch service. From ambiance to the food, drink, music, staff, and the atmosphere, everything is just perfect. The Kills Boro Brewing Company is recognized by many customers who describe its beer as “simply off the hook.”

You can drop by the Kills Boro Brewing Company, located at 62 Van Duzer Street, Staten Island, New York. For more information about their beers and working hours, you can contact them by phone on 718-442-3433 or visit their official website.

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