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Colony KC

Colony KC is a unique brewery that blends together a brewery, a bar, a coffee shop, a restaurant, and a live music venue. Located at 312 Armour Road, North Kansas City, Missouri, Colony KC has transformed itself into a space where culture and community meet and grow. 

With a friendly taproom, this multi-purpose brewery attracts plenty of people from across the city, as well as from outside. If you ever find yourself in Kansas City and want to experience the culture of the city and meet its people while enjoying amazing beer or coffee and delicious food, then this place is a must-visit. There’s even music from local artists to sway to.

Since the day Colony KC opened, it has made a name for itself in the city with all that it has to offer to customers – its unique atmosphere, quality handcrafted beers, an impressive espresso bar, and its wide range of well-crafted cocktails. 

If you ever find yourself in Kansas City, Colony KC is a place that you shouldn’t miss. Want to taste some eclectic cocktails? Maybe you want rich and flavorful craft beers while your friend wants coffee? Well, you can get them all under one roof at Colony KC!

Passion for Fresh, Local Beer 

With a brewery that is equipped with a three-barrel brew system, Colony KC can brew as many as 90 gallons of fresh and rich beer at a time. Not only are their local beers served at their taproom, they also supply their craft beers to several local bars and restaurants.

The brewery has a system that boasts of top-notch brewing kettles, fermentation vessels, and kegging equipment that churn out excellent craft beers, which keep Colony KC’s beer-loving customers coming back for more every time.

When it first opened, Colony KC served only commercial beer, along with cocktails and coffee. However, they soon realized that their handcrafted beers, which they had been showcasing at several beer fests, were always huge hits with the crowd. This motivated them to set up their own brewery so that they could serve their fresh beers in-house, and customers could simply walk in and enjoy a mug (or more) right then and there. 

A brewery born out of pure passion for the craft, Colony KC has a lot to offer to you not just in terms of drinks, but in terms of experiences. Colony KC doesn’t just provide you with a mug or two of beer, or a glass of cocktail, or a cup of coffee – it’s a friendly and inviting space that you will remember for the drinks and the unique experience.

Besides, the facility has a full espresso bar featuring their very own North Summit Slow Brew and Kombucha on tap – two drinks you shouldn’t miss. 

Image by Emily Welch on Google Maps

In-House Master Brewer

Rodney Beagle is the master brewer at Colony KC. He is one of the most passionate people who is completely dedicated to what he does, and it shows in his craft. He’s an award-winning brewer and has won many competitions and gained plenty of accolades in the many brewing events he has participated in. 

Just to give you a glimpse of what the master brewer here at Colony KC has achieved, take a look at some of Beagle’s accolades below:

  • Best in Show (1st place out of 67 beers): Peppercorn Whiskey Saison
  • Gold Medal: Peppercorn Whiskey Saison in Belgian specialty ale category
  • Silver Medal: Royal Gose in the Belgian specialty ale category
  • Bronze Medal: Cream Alebar
  • Iron Brewer: 2015, 2016

You certainly don’t want to miss beers crafted by this master brewer who has plenty of accolades and honors under his belt!

Must-Try Beers

Colony KC has a wide variety of fresh, local beers that their customers cannot seem to get enough of. Even before they started the brewery, when they were showcasing their drinks at festivals, these are the handcrafted beers that people always come back for, asking for more: 

’83 Hamlet (Whiskey Saison)

This drink is brewed in collaboration with Wood + Salt, and it incorporates both rye and smoked malts, resulting in a whiskey-like appearance and taste. Whiskey lovers will appreciate this drink a lot. 

Ella May’s Twisted Roots (Peach Belgian Strong)

If you like a fresh juicy twist in your beer, this Belgian ale is a must-try. It is made with the peaches cultivated by one of the baristas, plucked off her peach tree in her parents’ backyard. How much more local can it get? 

Fuller (Caramel Latte Porter)

This pre-Prohibition style porter is brewed in collaboration with Post Coffee Company, located at Lee’s Summit, Missouri. A full gallon of their rotating single origin coffee is added to every five gallons brewed, giving it a fresh and unique flavor. It could be caramel, pumpkin, mocha, vanilla, or hazelnut, depending on the season or occasion.

Winner’s (Strawberry Cream Ale)

Winner’s is a craft beer made in collaboration with a local tea shop based out of Kansas City. It is a refreshing cream ale-based beer made with a tea blend, including rose hips, hibiscus, apple, and wild strawberries.

Image by Colony KC on Google Maps

A Cultural Hotspot Bringing the Community Together 

Truly a one-stop destination, Colony KC brings the community together with its numerous attractions blended into one hangout spot ideal for everyone. After all, it’s not everywhere that you can get a brewery, a bar, a coffee shop, and a live music venue with the nicest, friendliest staff. 

What makes Colony KC such a memorable experience for anyone who steps inside is its focus on bringing together the community of like-minded individuals who want to push the city’s culture forward. Apart from hosting shows for homegrown and national musicians and comedians, they also have an open mic for music and comedy every Tuesday and Wednesday night respectively. 

By catering to people with so many different tastes, Colony KC has grown to become a home that the people of Kansas City love. It’s no wonder that so many of them flock here every night, enjoying the food, drinks, live music, and amazing company. With its focus on all the right parts of what a brewery, bar, coffee shop, and live music venue blended into one space could be, Colony KC has become one of the hottest homegrown destinations in the city that you will surely appreciate. 

Colony KC is located at 312 Armour Rd North Kansas City, Missouri. For more information, you can visit their official website

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