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Baa Baa Brewhouse

If you’re looking for some amazing British ales, then this is definitely the place to be. Baa Baa Brewhouse has been in the business since April 2016, and people are still going crazy over their interesting suds. This nanobrewery is out of Houston in the Brookshire area. Despite the travel distance, the small-batch brewery is almost always packed with customers having a ball. Today, it is billed as one of the smallest and most-cherished breweries in the greater Houston area that beer fans love revisiting.

Does the name bring back memories of your childhood days? Fond memories of listening to nursery rhymes back in the day is exactly where the husband-wife duo, Marcus and Kinga, drew inspiration from while naming their family-style brewery. Even their tap handles are one of a kind, made of kids blocks, equally reminiscent of our childhood days.

Co-founder and brew master Marcus, the once geologist now age-old home-brewer (in Colorado), knows his beer. He says that science, geology, and travel have heavily influenced his brewing process. On the other hand, his wife, Kinga, having studied law, helps him run the place and is a strong partner. To Marcus, beer making is an iterative process, which only means that they constantly experiment and come up with better tasting suds for their customers more than often.

The place is more than just mind-blowing beer. This warehouse-styled brewery has a basic setup in terms of sitting arrangement with a laid-back “at-home” ambiance. Beer, conversations, and watching children play at the backside – can there be a better start to your weekend?

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Baa Baa Brewhouse Menu

They specialize in hazy and fruit IPA’s. Their beers are highly sought-after, and dedicated Baa Baa fans literally hoard up on their can releases. The experimental ones are made in smaller batches, so they sell off really fast.

Baa Baa Kolsch, Ennie NEIPA, and their Father Goose IPA are extremely famous among consumers, and as for the favorites among neighbors, the balanced and light Nottingham Donkey stands out. Better keep an eye on the “What’s on Tap” page of their website to be sure of whether they’re available when you’re planning to go.

Here are their current offerings (all draft beers are available in pints):

On Tap:

  • Big Sheep Kolsch– 5.25% ABV & 18 IBU. A German-style Kolsch beer. Listed in the easy-drinking category. Available in 4-pack 12oz can as well.


  • Real Ministers with Hustle Coffee– 10% ABV. An American-style Imperial Stout with subtle notes of coffee becoming prominent as the beer warms, with traces of mint. Available in 8oz draft and crowler.
  • Peter’s Right Stout– 8.5% ABV with no IBU. An Imperial Stout Beer. Available in crowler and 8oz draft.
  • Peanut– 10% ABV. An Imperial Stout style beer brewed with fluff and butter. Available in 8oz draft only.


  • Oi! Oi! Oi!- IPA- 6.5% ABV. An American style IPA brewed with Jon Denman from DOA. It has hints of Chinook and Cascade. Available in crowler as well. Only on tap.
  • A Brewtiful Day– 6.9 ABV. A hazy NEIPA brewed with Galaxy, Citra & Samba. Only on Tap.
  • P.S I Love EWE V2– 6.9% ABV. A hazy New England style IPA brewed with Mosaic, Galaxy, and Citra hops. Hits as soft and creamy, finishing off with citrusy undertones. Only on tap.
  • Snog– 6.9 ABV. A NEIPA (hazy) with Nelson, Citra, and Equanot hops. Only on tap.
  • DDH Bo Peep– 7.2% ABV. A New England IPA hazy, which is double dry-hopped with Citra.
  • Mutton Hops– 6.9% ABV. Another Nelson, Citra, and Cascade hopped hazy NEIPA. It’s a smooth & delicious brew.
  • Fake Ewes– 6.9% ABV. This Hazy Neipa is brewed with Loral, Mosaic, and Citra hops. Available in 4-pack 16oz can as well.
  • Clover– 6.9 ABV. A New England style hazy IPA with hop notes of cascade and citra.
  • Baa Code– 6.9% ABV. A NEIPA (hazy) brewed with Enigma, citra, and galaxy hops.

To-go beer:

  • Clover- Available in 4-pack cans.

Fruity sours aren’t available at the moment. Also, to get first-hand information about their upcoming releases, keep a close watch on their social media pages.

Image by Baa Baa Brewhouse on Google Maps

Plan Your Visit Today!

Make sure you call them up to check if they’re open on a Sunday. Otherwise, they serve on Fridays and Saturdays. Apart from their signature beers being on point, here are a few things that’ll make your visit to this hidden gem worthwhile. It is not just the kind owners who are helpful. The staff here are friendly and cooperative. The rave reviews across the Internet vouch for it. Service is great every time you’re here, and they make you feel at home even when you’re away from the comfort of your home. The down-to-earth disposition of the staff sets them apart. 

This is one brewery that the kids can come to and leave with a beaming smile. If you have children, you should definitely consider coming here since it’s a great place to hang out with family and chill out. The owners, being parents themselves, are absolutely on-point when it comes to making children and parents feel welcome.

There is ample outdoor space at the backside where kids can play and enjoy themselves. Worrying about mosquitoes or bug bites? Don’t be. The owners can spray. They also provide toys which the kids can play with.

The nano-brewery is very dog-friendly thanks to the space out back! Not carrying food for the dog? They’ve got dog biscuits, so you’re covered. There is also a small parking lot right out in front of the brewery, which is perfect. 

Several food trucks are available nearby. They’re big on community-building and women empowerment! They have a group called “Baa Baa’s Flock” that encourages women from all walks of life to share their skills. On the 13th of every month, Flock meetings and workshops are held. The brewery also organizes home-brew competitions.

Here’s the address to this family-owned and run brewery: 539 FM 359 Rd S #7, Brookshire, Texas For any queries before your visit, call them at 281-934-1847 or visit their official website.

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