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The Brewery at Bacchus

When you’re out and about in New Paltz, New York, you should definitely not miss out on a visit to The Brewery at Bacchus. In life, some things just get along really well together. Beer and billiards at Bacchus are one such combination. This brewery is housed at the back of a lovely bar and restaurant and offers some of the most delicious and refreshing beers in all of New York!

About the Place

The Brewery at Bacchus was started in 2013 by brewers Michael Renganeschi and Jason Synan, who were former employees at the Bacchus restaurant. What started as a 3-barrel brewery allocated to a small section of space behind the restaurant soon became a sensation amongst beer lovers in New York. The Brewery at Bacchus was eventually touted to be the premier producer of farmhouse ales and barrel-aged sour beers in New York.

Ever since Michael and Jason departed from the business, the bar brought in brewer Kyle Delaney, who soon took over the reins. Kyle began his home-brewing adventure in the year 2011, when he resided in San Diego, which is known for its crazy hop culture. After developing a valuable set of skills as a home-brewer, Kyle got an internship with the Hudson Valley Brewery, which pushed him into the world of commercial brewing and furthered his passion for beer.

Kyle, as the main brewer, will continue to uphold the brewery’s focus on crafting some of the best wild-fermented and oak-aged beers. The Brewery at Bacchus has recently extended their oak-barrel bulk, which means that there are many more experimental funky and sour beers in store for everyone. They have also recently added unique hoppy varieties of beers, which could very well become New York’s next favorite brew for a long time to come.

The owners of this place have a special philosophy – they brew the beer that they like to drink. This could range from hoppy beers, jazzy farmhouse ales, and even bright barrel-aged sours. While there is plenty of experimentation with all the brews, the ultimate goal is to make something complex, yet thoroughly enjoyable.

Beers Available

Image by Bacchus Restaurant, Brewery & Billiards on Google Maps

James Baxter (Ethiopia) – 5% ABV

This house milk stout is lightly hopped and fermented with a classic American ale yeast. The beer is originally brewed with American 2-row barley and plenty of special malts, but this special version features an Ethiopian cold brew coffee by Big Mouth Coffee Roasters in Beacon, New York.

With this brew, you can expect notes of coffee, cream, and exciting hints of chocolate covered blueberries.

Stay What You Are – 6.5% ABV

This in-house IPA is definitely one of the most popular brews available here. It’s hopped and kettle fermented with the house ale yeast to create a citrusy flavour. If you’re in the mood for a subtle fruity flavor to your beer, Stay What You Are is perfect, as it offers a full and soft mouthfeel, with hints of orange, peach, and mango.

Wild Nothing – 5% ABV

This IPA is brewed with American 2-row barley and mallet white wheat. The beer houses notes of oranges, honey, and biscuits, giving it a rich mouth-feel while still keeping the flavour light and crisp. Also, it is hopped in the kettle with Cascade and Columbus, fermented with the house ale yeast, and dry-hopped with Citra.

Tiny Miracle – Bottled, 7.5%

The infamous bottled beer is dry and spritzy, with elegant notes of white wine, oak, and apricot. This beer has a base of farmhouse ale, which is basically a blend of American 2-row barley and raw wheat. This delicious drink is also aged in for close to 8-12 months with the brewery’s own Brettanomyces blend, mixed with California Sauvignon Blanc grapes, in a process that conditions and referments the beer.

You can drop by the Bacchus restaurant to try out their wide range of exciting beer and alcoholic beverage options!

Image by Bacchus Restaurant, Brewery & Billiards on Google Maps

Seating and Entertainment

The Brewery at Bacchus began as an extension of the famous Bacchus restaurant. The owners of this place wanted patrons to feel relaxed in a warm and welcoming bar atmosphere.

What’s interesting about Bacchus is that it certainly is one of those all-in-one entertainment places for people looking to enjoy in New Paltz. Bacchus is famous for their billiards room, which is a friendly and family-oriented space that offers seven full-size pool tables, alongside two bar-size ones.

You can drop by with your friends or family and enjoy the wide variety of games here. Kids can also keep themselves entertained with activities like ping pong, foosball, darts, and more. Moreover, Bacchus entertains parties as well, so you can book a fun and memorable birthday or anniversary bash.

As for seating, there are plenty of chairs and tables available inside the restaurant and bar. Bacchus also features a courtyard patio, which can seat 60 people. What better way to sip on a beer than basking in the warm sunlight. You can also avail the courtyard space for hosting private functions and parties.

Beer and a Meal

There’s absolutely no argument that good beer and good food go hand-in-hand. Now, most breweries give people the option of having a few beers and then maybe venturing outside to grab a bite from the nearest food truck. At Bacchus, you don’t have to go through any such trouble. If anything, the food at this restaurant is certainly a crowd-puller.

The Bacchus restaurant offers a wide variety of delicious food options – ranging from steaks, seafood, southwest specialties, and comfort food. Patrons also appreciate the excellent service and hospitality of the staff here, who are known for their knowledgeable recommendations. You will definitely find it easy to avail the exact beer of your choice.

All in all, the Brewery at Bacchus is definitely one to look out for when in New York. If you wish to experience the magic of this place, drop by at 4 S. Chestnut St, New Paltz, NY. For more information regarding the beers, food, and billiards availability, call 845-255-8636, or visit their official website.

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