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Mortalis Brewing Company

Mortalis Brewing Company understands that a drink is only as good as it is rated by their customers, so they work hard to create memorable, long-lasting relationships with all through their brews – an interesting concept for breweries that tend to be more focused on creating the perfect blend of wily yeast and rare hops rather than focusing on what makes customers happy.

About Mortalis

Mortalis is located on Tec Drive in Avon, New York. You can get details about their working hours and available drinks on their website, or by calling them at 585-438-4200. A look at their menu will reveal that they have a pretty limited menu compared to other, more established breweries in New York. But keep in mind that Mortalis is fairly new to the party and has already managed to grab eyeballs with their unique brews and excellent customer connectivity. And there’s more than what meets the eye with Mortalis.

Mortalis was established in 2018, but its co-founders have been avid homebrewers for more than a decade. Paul Grenier and Dave Luckenbach are co-founders and co-brewers of Mortalis. Their core team consists of just three other people, and together, they have more than decades’ worth of experience in customer service. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Mortalis wants to make a difference by connecting with their customers with more than just trendy beers.

Mortalis’ founders decided to enter the big commercial world after they won a contest in 2017 in Livingston Country, New York. The contest was to open a brewery, and when they won it, they started by pooling in all their resources and efforts by setting up shop in Avon. As they had to put in their own money initially, they started slow and steady with a few of their signature and popular brews. In 2018, the Mortalis team also went on to get funding from the general public so that they could buy more equipment to experiment with more innovative mixes while continuing to operate their existing business without a glitch.

Currently on tap, you can find a variety of stouts, sours, and IPAs. Mortalis aims to expand its menu by launching other drinks, such as wild and quick sours and dark or fruity beers aged in barrels. Should the team manage to get the funding they need and buy all the equipment they have on their shopping list, their regular customers could surely hope for some unique brews because they have already got a taste of what Mortalis can do with their existing brews. It all depends on what you’re looking for: a lemony flavor with a blend of various hops; a lager containing dark chocolate, yeast, and cocoa nibs; or a heavy ale containing scotch, caramel, chocolate, and sweetbreads? It’s hard to find another brewery that can combine such uncommon ingredients and create brews that still hit the spot always.

Currently, Mortalis only sells beer in-store. They will shortly be launching the online store together with limited-edition merchandise. Apart from beers on tap, you can also enjoy their drinks in crowlers, which are released every Thursday and Sunday. The list of drinks changes with every release, and you can catch the list on their social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Customer Opinion

Given that Mortalis is keen on enhancing customer experiences every time they visit their brewery, they have managed to achieve that with flying colors so far. A search of customer reviews on popular online sites such as Facebook, Untappd, and Beer Advocate will show you that customers have given Mortalis a 4+ rating almost always (out of 5). And it’s not just one or two of their brews that have been widely appreciated; while some customers have sworn that Mortalis stouts are the best they’ve had on this planet, others have enjoyed their specially crafted artisan brews, such as Hydra, Tears of Goddess, Milk of Gods, and so on. Mortalis is a regular-sized space, so you will almost always find it full, but their service is always prompt, friendly, and informative. Customers have the option of enjoying their drinks indoors or outdoors.

Mortalis also offers a limited choice of food on their menu. With drinks that taste like Oreo or blueberry muffins, customers have thoroughly enjoyed the drinks that complement the food options very well. An added advantage to outdoor seating is that customers can enjoy a good, rustic view while they sip their cold beers, making it an interesting drinking experience. Their seating arrangements also encourage people to sit in large groups and keep the conversation flowing.

Mortalis is also known for its reasonably priced drinks, which make them a popular hangout for people of all tastes, as well as income levels. Mortalis is keen on continuing their trend of keeping customers expectant of their next, innovative drink. So you can enjoy your drink in their taproom or carry them away in crowlers, but you will be sure to remember the unique flavors each of their brews contain.

Popular review sites frequented by customers, such as Yelp and TripAdvisor, have listed Mortalis as a must-visit place for their wholesome beer experience. People who aren’t fond of “traditional” beers have never been disappointed by the wide variety of beers offered here, along with their cozy environment. Mortalis founders firmly believe that craft, exotic beers should be available to one and all. They enjoy such drinks themselves and make it a point to maintain great customer experience standards so that their customers can enjoy craft beers always, as they have wanted to themselves. They are also interested in experimenting with ingredients that not many breweries prefer, such as cream cheese powder and coffee with caramel, which has earned them their brownie points so far.

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