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Hop Butcher For The World, A Brewing Company

The famous poet Carl Sandburg wrote a piece titled “Chicago,” in which he describes the city as being young, vibrant, full of life, and still having a lot to learn. In his poem, he refers to Chicago as the “Hog Butcher For The World,” which went on to inspire the name for this amazing brewery located in Darien, Illinois.

Ever since its opening in 2014, Hop Butcher For The World has been making quite a buzz in the Chicago brewery scene. Not only are they the masters of crafting exquisite beers, they also offer an incredibly wide range of brew options to choose from. Above all, their impressive branding strategies have quickly become a crowd favorite.

Hop Butcher For The World is a brewery that aims to deliver not just beer, but an experience rooted in the culture of Chicago and the city’s relationship with craft beers.

Must-Try Beers/Styles

Hop Butcher For The World offers many well-crafted beer options to their patrons, making the drinking experience all the more exciting. From almost a hundred options, each offering a unique taste with interesting compositions, these are some of the top beers from Hop Butcher that you must not miss out on.

Double Grid

Double Grid is a Double Indian Pale Ale that will leave you wanting more thanks to its smooth finish. With an ABV of 7.5 percent, it perfectly balances sweetness and light bitterness without being heavy. It has a soft and creamy mouthfeel that settles right in, along with a fruity and clean aroma. Double Grid is available in citrus, resin and tropical flavors.

The Jewels

This Mosaic and Vic Secret-Hopped Double India Pale Ale is another must-try from Hop Butcher. The beer has an ABV of 7.5 percent, and thanks to its well-stacked hops, it carries just the right amount of flavor. It has a fluffy and creamy feel, as well as an aroma that opens with a strong fruity smell and develops into a grassy Mosaic scent.

The World’s Colombian Coffee Exposition

The World’s Colombian Coffee Exposition is an Imperial Coffee Stout with an ABV of 10 percent. It even won a bronze medal at the Can Can Awards (Imperial Stout Category) in 2017. With flavors of coffee, dark fruit, and chocolate, this award-winning beer has a thick and creamy mouthfeel and a rich aroma with faint hints of vanilla.


Milkstachio is a Pistachio Milk Stout that has an ABV of 6 percent and includes flavors of chocolate, pistachio and vanilla. It has a medium to full-bodied mouthfeel and is known for being velvety smooth. It opens with notes of sweet cream, cocoa, and roasted malts and ends with a slight bitterness. The pistachio compliments the taste really well rather than being distracting. With all of these amazing qualities, it’s no wonder Milkstachio was included in the list of “Top 25 Beers of 2015” by DRAFT Magazine.


Folletto is an Italian Style Pilsner with an ABV of 5 percent. With flavors of citrus zest, hay, and basil, this beer has a see-through yellow appearance complemented by the aroma of corn and fresh, zesty flower notes. It has a medium-thin mouthfeel and leaves a faint, bitter aftertaste. If you like your beer on the lighter side, this is a must-try.

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More Than Just Beer in a Can

Hop Butcher For the World’s offerings go beyond just serving canned beers. They are a perfect representation of the active brewery culture in Chicago, propelled by a young and vibrant crowd.

One thing that stands out about the brewery is their branding, which is most evident through the artwork on their beer cans. Each beer in the whole lineup of Hop Butcher boasts of a distinctive illustration that is hard to mistake for any other brand of beer.

Most of the artwork is done by Chicago artist Dan Grzeca, who has illustrated many gig posters for notable musicians. His artworks on the Hop Butcher beer cans are raw, blunt, and gritty, with loud and bold use of colors. These elements in his illustrations give the beer cans an unmistakable identity.

Their approach to packaging, according to co-founder Jerimiah Zimmer, was an intentional decision. He believes that the design is reflective of a Chicago aesthetic and works extremely well on retail shelves.

Dan Grzeca was first brought in to design the packaging for Milkstachio. When Zimmer and his founding partner, Jude La Rose, saw the end result, they instantly decided that the design would be a template for the packaging on all of their other beer styles. Today, all of their beer cans share the same style of design – blunt and gritty illustrations, accompanied by bold colors and sprinkled with thoughtful blank space which allows the design to shine.

Zimmer said that the goal is to have consumers be able to identify their cans without having to look at the logo, and this approach definitely seems to do exactly that.

Production-Only brewery

Hop Butcher For The World is a production-only brewery. They do not have a taproom, and their beers are mostly available in cans in various stores both online and offline. On draft, Hop Butcher beers can be found in a number of bars and pubs. The complete list of where you can find the beers is available on the Hop Butcher For The World website, under the Find Our Beer section.

They operate out of Miskatonic, another popular brewing company in Illinois. Occasionally, you can find Hop Butcher craft beers available on draft at the Misktaonic taproom.

The brewery is located at 1000 N Frontage Rd, Suite C, Darien, Illinois. For any inquiries, you can contact them by email at [email protected]. They are also active on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, where they share a variety of content, including new lineups, product announcements, offers, and more. You can also contact them on their website via a web form.

For more information on Hop Butcher For The World in Darien, Illinois, please visit their website.

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