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Cycle Brewing Company

This much sought-after brewery in Florida has been operational since 2012. Reviews of the place on popular beer sites such as Untappd and BeerAdvocate show that, despite being in the businesses for a while now, the brewery shows no sign of slowing down and still remains as popular as it has been since its opening day.

About Cycle Brewing

The brewery, located in a space of modest dimensions, is founded by Doug Dozark, who is also the head brewer. A lover of small batches of fresh beer and barrel ales aged for long periods of time, Doug has always been keen on sharing his passion with people while continuing to experiment with the craft at the same time. Initially, Cycle Brewing used to sell their aged and non-aged drinks in crowlers, bottles, and straight from the tap. But since 2018, they have also included cans to their stock. Cycle Brewing is undoubtedly Doug’s dream project, but also a dream shared by his family. He is supported and partnered in business by his wife, Tara, along with a few other members of his close family. The tight-knit crew believes in serving some of the best beers and running a business that helps them achieve the lifestyle that they want. Rather than going by statistics, peer pressure, and other such factors, Cycle prefers to quietly focus on improving and expanding their beer-making techniques, especially the fermentation and barrel-ageing process.

For example, in 2016, Cycle Brewing was one of just the seven breweries in the country that used Jameson Irish Whiskey barrels to age some of their finest beers and produce a malty, sweet drink in collaboration with Caskmate Drinking Buddies.

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Growing Notoriety

In a world of rapidly-growing brewery establishments, Doug’s policy is that, rather than following the pack, they would stick to their winning methods and keep creating drinks that have been popular for the past several years. He admits to a few twinges of jealousy occasionally, but when they really sit down and think about it, they find that their model of business and making beer are what their customers have loved for so many years. Doug prefers to keep that tradition alive and keep the business well-managed within the family itself. Doug does plan on increasing his production capacity and supply beer to a larger number of retailers, but the focus is and always has been on finding the choicest beers to fill their crowlers and cans. The brewery is determined to innovate their brewing process without compromising their core drinks – mainly the dark beers that they have been so famous for all these years.

Cycle Brewing has received recognition and awards at several events and surveys. The most notable of these is when it was adjudged to one of the top ten breweries in the world by reputed breweries’ internet hub RateBeer, in 2018.

Until 2018, the brewery used to primarily sell its beers at its premises. But when they signed a contract with Brew Hub, they increased the volume of their business substantially, as they now have a distributor who could get their beers across the entire state. What’s more, customers who could not make it to Cycle’s taproom can now taste some of their delicious drinks from packaged cans. Cycle had started off by selling two of its most popular drinks – Cream & Sugar, Please and Crank IPA – in cans. Now, customers can also enjoy Fixie, Download, Shallow Flake, and Name Goes Here in cans, which are available in a few places outside Florida too, in addition to being available abundantly within the state.

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What Do Customers Have to Say?

Located in St. Petersburg, Florida, more about Cycle brewing Company can be learned from their social media acounts on Instagram and Facebook, along with their website. But before you start scouring the internet for Cycle Brewing’s special beer cans, let’s have a look at what people have had to say about the place and its drinks so far. The first thing that people have loved about the place is its vibe. Rather than being a typical family-friendly place, Cycle Brewing is known more for its ultra-cool atmosphere that’ll make you feel like sipping on their IPAs in your most laid-back clothes. It’s just your beer, you, and your relaxed senses.

The brewery permits its customers to carry their own food and also well-trained pets. Sours, stouts, and any other beer that falls in the dark brew category seem to be the most popular drinks here, with people who don’t usually prefer stouts also thoroughly enjoying a glass of it here. The lack of food at the brewery is not a deterrent at all because there are plenty of restaurants that serve lip-smacking food a stone’s throw away from Cycle Brewing. Another interesting feature of the place that the customers seem to really dig is the table – it’s unique because it’s really just a big rock, or rather a mini-boulder, that’s been shaped into a large table that people can sit around and enjoy their brews. The place also features some interesting motorbike parts in their interior decoration, thus making it a treat for virtually all categories people. The doors of Cycle Brewing are open to all!

You can visit the Cycle Brewing Company at 534, Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, Florida 33701. To know more about this brewery, you can also visit their official website.

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