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Why Beer Should Definitely Be Part of Your Wedding Bar

What is the one thing that guests look forward to at a wedding reception? “Are they serving alcohol?” Almost every wedding serves alcohol at the reception party. But what makes these parties fun for all is when the beer is served. Beer is the alcoholic drink that is loved by the majority of people all around the world. When you serve beer at your wedding, you not only make your wedding a celebration for yourself, but also your guests.

Tips for Serving Beer at your Wedding

Is beer in your bar menu? Then here are some tips to help you plan:

  • Determine your budget: The first and foremost step is to determine the wedding budget and plan accordingly. You must target your budget for the most important things to decide if serving alcohol is in your budget.
  • Have a headcount: Start with your guest list and keep a headcount of potential drinkers. Do a little math and calculate your alcohol budget based on the drink you have chosen – commercial beer or craft beer.
  • Decide what to add in the bar menu: The bar menu is very important, as it will provide the guests with options. You can add any drink in your alcohol menu, from beer to hard drinks. Craft beer makes an ideal choice, as it offers a variety of flavors and tastes. But if you are on a budget, it is easier to buy your own bottles and cases.
  • Have you thought of a cash bar?: The most favorable tip to budgeted weddings is a cash bar that eliminates the cost of alcohol, yet still allows you to serve it at your wedding. You can add other drinks along with a beer for the guests to choose from.
  • Coordinate with the venue: If you plan to serve alcohol at your wedding, it is always ideal to be coordinating with the concerned person at the wedding venue and to check if they have a corkage fee. It is always ideal to understand their prices. The venue may have a price list that may be more suitable to you than buying your own beer.
  • Choose the right guests: When you make your guest list, keep it short and only to who you know who will not create a scene after having a drink or two. Though the alcohol content in beer is lower compared to hard drinks, there is a possibility that a guest can get high soon.
  • Choose a local brew: Local brews are fresh and trustworthy. You can add them to your menu instead of commercial beer.

Ten Reasons to Serve Beer at your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be stressful, especially when you are on a budget. There are so many things involved in a wedding, with alcohol being the most crucial part of it. What drinks should I serve? Should I serve signature drinks? Should I have an open bar? Will hard drinks ruin my party? There are many questions that may create a lot of confusion, but serving beer at your wedding may prove beneficial in many ways! Here are ten reasons to serve beer at your wedding:

Beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic drink.

Beer is the third-most popular drink, after water and tea, and the most popular alcoholic drink in the world. Well, that makes deciding much easier. Planning a wedding requires you to decide about which drink to offer, whether the guests will like it, how much is needed, and so on. But as beer is liked by many, your wedding plan is made easier.

You can offer a wide variety of drinks just with beer.

Beer has a multitude of flavors, textures, and tastes, which offer a long list to choose from that include lager, stout, pale ale, witbier, and pilsner, among others. If you are considering to offer beer at your wedding party, you can also choose craft beer that offers more varieties and added flavors that your guests can choose from.

It is a fun drink for a fabulous party.

Beer makes the guests more comfortable and makes the wedding feel like a real party. Well, there is indeed something called liquid courage, and it is called beer. Beer offers your guests the courage to hit the dance floor and party instead of simply sipping on a drink at the table. It doesn’t get you high like other alcoholic drinks, and it doesn’t leave you sober either. You can drink, dance, party, and remember it the next day as well.

A beer bar makes wedding planning easier.

Serving alcohol is a stressful decision to make. Should I serve alcohol or not? Would an open bar be an ideal choice at my wedding? What drinks should I include in the open bar? When you decide to offer beer at your wedding, all you need to think about is whether you want to have an open bar or you want your guests to pay for their drinks. A beer bar is a cost-effective option, whether you want to have an open bar or pay per drink.

Beer does not offer the problems associated with hard drinks.

Hard drinks result in slurred speech, drowsiness, headache, vomiting, clumsiness, a lapse of memory, and loss of consciousness, among other side effects. It is true that consuming beer too results in these problems, but beer has lighter alcoholic content with better taste. You will be intoxicated with beer, but the effect will be slower when compared to hard drinks like whiskey and vodka. Serving hard drinks at a wedding party can cause several problems, such as a drunken scene, and it is also not a cost-effective option.

You can show off your personality with craft beer!

Craft beer, also called microbrewery, produces small amounts of beer, typically smaller amounts than macro breweries. It is independently owned and characterized by the quality, flavor, and brewing technique. When you serve craft beer at your wedding, you not only offer variety, but also show off your personality with the flavors you choose. When you plan your wedding, you are offered a lot of varieties of craft beer to choose from. By offering craft beer, you can also consider offering your signature drink to your guests.

A beer brewery is an awesome wedding venue.

For a beer lover, a beer brewery is a paradise. Now, imagine having your wedding there! Yes, it’s true that vineyards are a beautiful place for a romantic wedding. But a beer brewery defines who you really are as a couple. Having your wedding at a brewery has its benefits as well. You can get freshly brewed beer to be served at your wedding to your guests. What’s more, a wedding at a brewery makes one great party that every guest will remember.

It is in your budget

Planning a wedding and paying for one can tear a hole in your pocket. Many people tend to overshoot their budget in an attempt to make it a grand celebration that everyone will be talking about for a while. With beer, you not only serve alcohol that the majority of the people around the world like, but also keep within your budget. You can serve good varieties of beer that fit your budget and have a grand wedding that your guests will surely talk about for years!

The leftover beer can be saved.

If you serve beer at your wedding, there are several questions that need to be answered, such as: Should I choose commercial beer or craft beer? Should I serve beer cans, beer bottles, or beer in kegs? What quantity of beer should I order? You will need to chalk out a lot of things when you plan your wedding. But what you need not worry about is what to do with the leftover beer. You can either take home the leftover beer bottles, cans, or kegs or send them off with guests as party favors.

Your guests will love you!

Who doesn’t love beer, and who doesn’t love a party that has beer? A wedding is not just a union of two people, but a union of everyone that the couple is related to. It is a union of two different families and friends, a union that needs to be celebrated together as one. There are many couples who throw a grand and lavish wedding reception with champagne or signature cocktails. But what fun is it if there is no beer to go with the party? When you serve beer at your wedding, your guests will love you for making it a memorable event in their life as well. Party and beer go hand in hand, and a party without beer is no party at all.

Questions to Consider

There are several things to consider when you are planning a wedding, one being alcohol. Once you decide to serve beer at your wedding reception party, you must be able to answer the questions below.

What is my alcohol budget for the wedding?

The most important aspect of a wedding is its budget. To ensure that your wedding does not financially ruin you, you must set aside a budget. First, calculate what you are willing to spend on alcohol, and what percentage of your budget you are willing to dedicate to beer. How do you calculate your beer budget? To decide the budget for beer, you must first get a headcount of the guests you are planning to invite and the potential drinkers among the guests. You will then decide what you will be adding to the bar menu along with the beer. Once the guests and the bar menu are decided, you can allocate the beer budget accordingly.

Should I serve local ales, craft beers, or commercial beer?

You have a choice, and your choice is based on your budget. You can choose from local ales, craft beer, and commercial beer based on the budget that you have allocated to your alcohol menu. You can also choose based on the taste and flavors offered by craft beer and local ales. But the ideal choice, if you are on a budget, is to choose a commercial beer that you can buy at the local store. Before you make a choice, you must contact your wedding venue to understand their alcohol process and compare them with your budget. Who knows, you may find something better!

When should the beer be served?

At a typical wedding, cocktail hours are usually between the ceremony and reception. It is the right time for you and your spouse to mingle with the guests, take photos, and have a good time. Serving beer at this time helps your guests to relax until dinner is served. Cocktail hours are an ideal time to talk to the guests as well, as they feel happier and more relaxed being at a party. The best time to serve beer is in the cocktail hour while other drinks are being served.

You can bring focus to your beer selection at your wedding to make the party more fun. You can do this by incorporating beer-themes in the wedding party. Beer-related themes make excellent decors like centerpieces and flower vases, party favors, or return gifts like bottles of your homebrew or local ale and beer koozies, among others. There are many reasons why you must add beer to your wedding bar menu. If alcohol is a part of your wedding, then beer on the menu makes it a great party!

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