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Top Job Opportunities in Brewery Industries and Their Likely Income

The job opportunities in brewery industries are vast and unique, but they are not just for anybody. While there have been some conflicting stories about the prospects of working in a brewery as against some multinational firms, you can still earn good pay working in a brewery.

And the process is not any different from the various sectors we have already. Usually, all breweries require the service of sales and marketing professionals to take care of sales and other proceedings. That is why every brewery provides job opportunities whenever there is labor inefficiency or low productivity. Just like every other organization, breweries follow the standard organizational hierarchy to rate their employees. The brewery owners and managers all belong to the high level of the organizational structures, while the laborers and distributors fall in the lower part of the organizational structure. Usually, the high-level workers are always responsible for making important business decisions, as well as supervising and controlling the activities of the low-level workers.

When you have dreams to start up your career life in a brewery, you have to research on the up-to-date information about all its operations and consider the passions that drive you towards your career choice. After you are able to garner enough experience, only then can you truly make your mark in the brewery industry.

Most jobs in breweries come with attractive incentive bonuses attached to workers’ salaries. Because of this, many people decide to search for job opportunities in brewery industries. This, they believe, will afford them the chance to enjoy the enormous benefits entitled to brewery workers. 

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Looking to Build Your Career in the Brewing Business? Here are Some Popular Job Opportunities for You

Getting a job in the brewery industry can be a dream come true for anybody aspiring to build a career in the brewery business. However, you should have it in mind that the brewing process also requires some level of expertise and industrial experience. As a result of this, breweries give room for expertise in various brewing sections to join their team and contribute to their success as well.

Every brewery industry will need some essential services to ensure that their brewery runs at its maximum capacity. However, brewers are not limited to these tasks alone, as the company may decide to assign more jobs to them. Listed below are some of the most popular job opportunities in the brewery industries.

Brewers/Shift Brewer

The role of a shift brewer comes with a lot of responsibilities. Before you secure a job as a shift brewer in any brewery company, you must possess some level of competency to meet up with the goal of the brewery. When you have a formal brewing education, your chances of getting the job will be on the high side. Ideally, having at least two years of professional brewing expertise will count in your favor if you are planning to work in a big brewpub.

The duties of shift brewers in every brewery include the following:

  • Every shift brewer must understand how to mix beer recipes to produce beer drinks with great taste.
  • Brewers must maintain their working environment by sanitizing their workplace after each brew.
  • Whenever there is an issue, shift brewers will have to troubleshoot the fault. However, in the case of critical and complicated errors, they can report the incident to the mechanical department.
  • Every shift brewer must attend every organizational meeting.
  • Shift brewers must also compute and record the daily occurrence within the brewhouse.
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Brewery Laboratory Technician

The duties of brewery laboratory technicians depend on the brewery that hired their services. But most breweries will expect to be able to go above and beyond on some technical aspects of the entire brewing process.

As a brewery laboratory technician, you must possess some great technical skills in order to stand out in your line of work. Not only must you be able to work, manage, and control harmful chemicals, but you must also be able to do them without creating an unsafe working environment for other workers. Also, you must have good background knowledge of every chemical used for brewing purposes.

Some of the top responsibilities of a laboratory technician in a brewery company include:

  • A lab technician is responsible for analyzing the packaged products. The analysis will focus on microbiology analysis, gas analysis, and packaged products that involve chemical reactions.
  • He/she must check the aseptic sampling of beer in the brewing process and the finished beer product.
  • The technician must check the boilers, participate in sensory programs, and be able to initiate the operations of alcolyzer.

Master Brewer/Brewmaster

If you are looking to build your career as a brewmaster, you must not only have a passion for the industry, but also be ready to acquire vast knowledge on all brewing and production processes.

As a brewmaster, quality must be your priority always. Therefore, you should be ready to dedicate a lot of time to create recipes that will help in the production of high-quality beer always. Other top responsibilities of a brewmaster in the brewery industry include:

  • The brewmaster selects the best beer ingredients for the brewing process. This ingredient will give the beer a unique taste.
  • The brewmasters vary the selected ingredient and mix accordingly. 
  • During the fermentation process, the brewmaster is responsible for adding the right amount of yeast to the wort.
  • A master brewer ensures effective communication with distributors and suppliers to build a cordial relationship between the brewery and the market.
  • Brewmasters also select beer recipes to brew a unique beer drink.
  • Brewmasters manage staff and resources and ensure they meet up with the brewery’s objectives.
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Lead Brewer

The lead brewer oversees the brewing process and participates in the packaging process as well. Some of the job responsibilities of a lead brewer include:

  • Drafting out inventory management
  • Planning of the beer schedule
  • Giving out orders on how the brewing and packaging process should run

How Much Money Can You Make While Working in a Brewery Industry?

Breweries pay their workers according to their job responsibilities and their level in the organizational hierarchy. The income of brewery workers also depends on their individual effort toward executing their assigned tasks. When you consider taking a job position in a brewery, you have to check the incentive bonuses and salaries allocated to a brewery worker managing such positions. Also, most breweries will only pay their employees according to their capacity. So you should have that in mind before you venture into the brewery world.

Usually, head brewers and brewmasters get the highest pay, and that is because of the responsibilities and level of expertise attached to such positions. They can earn between $40,000 and $75,000 annually. Brewery laboratory technicians and shift brewers can also end up getting a considerable amount of money while working with larger brewpubs. However, they still do not earn as much as head brewers and brewmasters.

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