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How to Enjoy Your Favorite Brew Without a Beer Belly

Beer comes with a lot of health benefits when consumed moderately. But when you drink beer in greater quantity, your body will likely react and take an unpleasant shape. Whenever you consume a beer, your body will store the sugary content as fat in your stomach. If your beer-drinking rate is approximately high, your body will allow more calorie storage in your belly. The belly will take another shape with time, resulting in a beer belly.

Anybody can become addicted to beer consumption. Notwithstanding the health complications that may arise as a result of beer intake, they may still prefer to make it a regular drink. Individuals that wish to stay healthy should maintain average beer consumption depending on their gender. To enjoy your favorite brand of beer without getting much belly fat, you have to look out for the sugar content of the beer.

If you discover that the sugar content is approximately high, you should try other beer brands, or you can enjoy your favorite beer at a reduce quantity. Beer belly can give rise to type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, and other health complicated issues.

The Following Tips Will Help You Avoid Beer Belly

Reduce Your Beer Intake to Two Bottles Per Day

Reduction in your beer intake to at least two bottles per day can enable individuals to avoid beer belly. Some people may find it hard to maintain this type of drinking limit. They prefer to drink their favorite brand to their satisfaction without considering the health implications. People with this type of drinking habit will surely develop an uninvited beer belly. Limiting your beer intake per day to just two bottles comes with many health benefits. Apart from cutting down your calorie consumption from beer, you can also escape a beer gut.

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Drink Beer With Less Sugar Content and More Alcohol Content

Since sugar is part of the ingredients that boost belly fat, there is every need to avoid beer brands with high sugar content. Consuming beer with less sugar and more alcohol can help your body system to enjoy every health benefit coming from a homemade beer.

Avoid Drinking Before Sleeping

Drinking before bedtime is very bad for your health. When you make this type of drinking a habit, you are gradually exposing your body to excess calories. While you sleep, the food you consumed goes through the digestion process. You have to avoid drinking any beer brand before sleeping, as your body will store most of the sugar content as fat in your body. You will experience the belly bloat if you persist in this drinking habit.

Always Stay Hydrated

Allowing your body to go dehydrated may enable you to consume more beer. When you develop the habit of drinking water very often, you will discover that the rate at which you drink beer will drastically reduce. Staying hydrated will help you to maintain two beer bottles per day. Being thirsty for long can contribute to excess calorie intake from beer. Drink more water than beer to enjoy a healthier life.

Stay Away From Binge Eating While You Drink

Avoid foods with high calories content while you drink. When you combine food with a certain amount of calories with beer, your body system will store the fat in your belly. This stored fat will give rise to a beer belly. Foods like butter, margarine, egg yolk, and processed meat, among others, usually contain high-calorie content. Avoid combining these foods with beer, as this will increase your chances of experiencing obesity. Develop the habit of eating your meal separately and drinking beer separately. But if you must combine your meal with your beer, you can opt for foods with fewer calorie content. Foods like egg white, lean fish, and many others contain less calories. 

Understand the Calories Level of a Beer Brand Before Drinking

Make an effort to understand the calorie content of a beer before emptying the bottle down your throat. Although this used to be voluntary, as of tge year 2020, every brewery company will compulsorily list nutrition info, including the calories level of its beer on the bottle’s label. To determine beer that supports weight gain in the stomach, you have to read the label attached to the beer bottle or can. If the calorie content of the beer is high, avoid such a brand and check out other brands. If you grab a bottle of beer and discover that the calories level is not written on the bottle or can, avoid drinking such a brand.

Don’t Drink on an Empty Stomach

You can endanger your health when drinking beer on an empty stomach. Usually, the alcohol content of beer will pass through your mouth and get to the stomach. Then, about 20 percent of the alcohol content will mix with your bloodstream. The sugar content is meant to energize your muscles. If you consume beer without having good food in your body, the beer content will fight your body system. Always eat a healthy diet before drinking beer. This routine will enable your body system to digest the drink alongside the food. If your body system should digest only the alcohol, it will likely store some portion of the beer as belly fat. Your belly will develop with time if you stick to this routine.

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Drink Slowly

When you’re drinking alcohol, you have to sip slowly so that your blood alcohol level can rise at a normal rate. When you rush your beer, you might end up drinking more bottles than normal. After each sip, allow the beer to get to the stomach before taking another sip.

Space out Your Drinks

You don’t have to become an addict to enjoy your beer. You can drink responsibly by spacing out your drinking time. Instead of drinking two bottles at a go, you can drink one and keep the other. For instance, if you are offered two bottles of beer at a gathering, you can drink one at the event and take the other home. When you space out your drinks, your body will be able to digest each drinking section perfectly.

Take these pointers to heart and your beer belly will be a thing of the past.

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