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Beer School: Best Home Brewing Classes

Many beer enthusiasts would love to uncloak the secrets behind their favorite beer in the same manner which they uncork its bottle before a refreshing gulp on a sunny day.

Thanks to the numerous institutes and universities around the world, there are innumerable opportunities to acquire a degree or certificate in any brewing course. More so, in a matter of hours, days, weeks, or months, a committed beer lover can become a certified brewmaster.

However, we know that taking these beer classes is a more serious business than cheerfully gathering around a beer table. Therefore, through thorough research, has come up with only the best institutes worthy of your presence and commitment. So if you believe it’s time to grasp the scientific side of your favorite drink, as well as its business side, then these six beer classes will interest you.

Siebel Institute of Technology

If you’re looking for an institute that’s been there and done that, you can trust that Siebel Institute of Technology, with her over 140 years of transforming beer enthusiasts into pros, has all it takes to make you the next big thing in the brewing industry.

The academy provides an encompassing range of brewing classes to accommodate your level of knowledge. Levels vary from entry and intermediate to the advanced category. Of course, the entry-level courses suit newbies who need a touch of expertise to begin their brewing career or to make a better brew.

The entry category focuses on an array of areas, such as a draught executive course, master of beer styles and evaluation course, craft distilling and operations technology course, and WBA craft cider course, which informs you of beer history and production procedure.

With a decent proficiency, you may opt for the intermediate level where all the information you need to brag about being a better beer connoisseur gets provided in a two-week intensive course. The brewing microbiology course enables you to start your brewery like a pro. The WBA concise course in brewing technology equips you to be at the forefront of any top brewery of your choice if you decide to take it.

Furthermore, the advanced level of the Siebel Institute of Technology brew program endows you with all the experience you need to go global. This level will help you learn about quality, wort production, and packaging, amongst other advanced applied brewing techniques. 

The institute also offers specialized lectures to students who may require some concentration on a particular subject.

So how else would you rather have it?

Beer Savvy Online

If a US visa is likely to stop you from being a beer master, then Beer Savvy Online just broke the jinx. In less than ten hours, the online course arms you with the necessary mastery to join the league of certified brewers. 

The cicerone certification program this online course provides includes the first-level certification designed for brewery workers. This category of certification empowers you with adequate knowledge of beer services and styles to make you a certified beer server at any hospitality workplace. What’s more? The certification doesn’t have any prerequisites. So there’s no stopping your brewing dream.

The second-level certification has all it takes to lend you the cicerone title. With this feather to your brewing cap, you can bask in the necessary respect and prestige to become a sought-after or employable brew worker. All you need to proceed with the course is a pass mark on the certified beer server exam.

The third-level certification is synonymous with the advanced cicerone. The course has all it takes to endow your beer palate with some evolution. Besides, you develop significant expertise in beer and food pairing. Your brewing ingredients aren’t left out either. So you get to differentiate one brewing element from another.

Would you like to achieve the Master Cicerone title? Then, proceed to the final and ultimate category of the Cicerone Certification Program. This course births the latest consultants, coaches, and experts in the beer industry. All you need is a pass mark on the Advanced Cicerone Exam and to be of legal drinking age. Passing the tests should be a breeze, as there are sufficient study resources to help you with that.

More so, the brewer school has room for all categories of brewers ranging from working professional brewers to dreamers aspiring to carve a niche for themselves in the brewing world. You can talk about being the brain box amongst a camaraderie of beer lovers.

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American Brewers Guild

The Brewers Guild equips you with the right information to detect and analyze beer ingredients that’ll ever make it to your beer palate. 

The guild has taken things even further, as they’ve reserved a room for homebrewers to top their knowledge with the addition of science to their brewing skill. Therefore, you’ll be able to get your brewing calculations right while you properly handle your yeast. You can partake in any of the ten educational programs the guild has on board.


Flavor and quality will always be a priority for traditional breweries. Thus, to not lose touch with the essence of brewing in a microbrewery, came up with the Beer 101 course. It’s an online course that familiarizes craft beer lovers to the nitty-gritty details of craft beer in the comfort of their rooms. Surprisingly, this course can improve the knowledge of an advanced beer brewer, too, considering its outline of topics. is quite stern about its honors. The school only confers the seal of a craft beer brewer on students who have proven their passion for the art. If you’re up for the challenge, a total of 20 questions await you by the end of the course. If you make 75 percent or above of the total marks, you can download and print a certificate, while anything less than the cut-off score is unacceptable for bestowing on you the rare honor. However, doesn’t love to lose any beer enthusiast, so there’s a chance to retake the quiz in one year upon failing the first time.

If by chance, successful participants lose their certificate or failed to print it initially, they can always reprint their certificates by going to their dashboard and clicking the completed courses.

Craft Beverage Institute of the Southeast

Craft Beverage Institute of the Southeast leaves nothing to the imagination as it takes students through an array of practical classes on brewing, distillation, and fermentation. The institute provides four programs to budding beer makers who made it into the institution.

The brewing, distillation, and fermentation AAS is the most tasking one of the programs, as it runs for five semesters. It also demands students to fulfill the common college admission prerequisites to enjoy courses on craft beer brewing, applied craft beverage chemistry, and beverage management. To earn this degree, you must be at least 21 years of age.

The craft beverage lab certificate program has just two semesters for you to pass. Courses include craft beer brewing, which helps you to develop beer recipes and produce a small collection of craft beer. If you nurse the dream of working in beer labs, the craft beverage lab methods course included in this certificate will take you there.

Furthermore, the applied craft beverage chemistry course takes you through the basics of chemistry concerning the brewing and distillation sector. Other programs you can look into at the Craft Beverage Institute of the Southeast comprise brewing methods and operations and distillation methods and operations diplomas.

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Beverage Business Institute

There’s an increase in the demand for professionals in the brewery industry. The Beverage Business Institute knows this and strives to meet this need by including beer courses in its beverage education.

The outstanding quality of this institute located in Colorado’s Front Range is the opportunity it presents to students to work with accomplished brewers in the industry. Whether as an evolving brewer or a professional in the field, you can create surprising connections while studying in the institute. You can do this by working hand-in-hand with the stream of professionals and executives made available by the prestigious institute.

There are programs for high school students, undergraduates, and graduates alike. Undoubtedly, there’s hardly an institute as welcoming as the Beverage Business Institute.

Let’s congratulate you in advance because participating in any of these programs will equip you with the wings to transform from being a mere beer drinker to an expert on everything beer. More so, your brewing process will become a breeze and will make it to your list of favorite hobbies. The hallmark of this feat remains the fact that you’ll become an employable beer connoisseur with a better chance of working in any brewery of your choice.

Now make the beer world a little brighter than it used to be with your intellectual contribution to the brewery industry.

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