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15 Fun Beer Cocktails to Try At Home

Beer is a great drink on its own. Purists would hate to experiment with it, let alone mix it with other liquor to make a cocktail. However, that might change after you read this list of 15 fun and easy cocktails that you can make at home!

If you walk into a bar and make a close observation, you might spot a spoon hanging from the beer taps. Looks a bit unwanted, doesn’t it? However, this spoon has a rather specific purpose; it is used for creating all kinds of layered beer beverages. For instance, one of the best ones has pale ale and is topped with Guinness Stout, a strong dark beer. Sounds amazing, right?

Well, get ready to take notes because you’re going to be reading about 15 such amazing beer cocktails here!

1. Shandy

Perhaps the first drink to come to mind when we talk of beer cocktails is good old Shandy. It is the perfect summer energizer and gets the party rolling. This cocktail is typically made with a light beer (preferred by you, of course) and tastes amazing. Not had a Shandy yet? Well, you can make it at home! For a basic Shandy, you need equal amounts of lemonade and beer. Now, this may sound very simple, but the resulting mix is quite spectacular. One of the best things you can do with a Shandy is to try a different beer every time you make it. A little word of caution: avoid going too heavy or dark.

2. Michelada

There is no denying the fact that Michelda is one of the most loved bar drinks featuring beer. When a regular beer gets a spicy makeover, what you get is a Michelada. The best part is that there are no secret ingredients used by the bartender to make this drink, and you can easily make it at home. You simply need to pick a Mexican beer that you like and mix it up with some common ingredients from your kitchen. Take some lime juice in your glass and add Worcestershire and soy sauces to it. Top that with hot sauce, and you have a pretty amazing and spicy beer cocktail!

3. Black Velvet

Beer is typically seen as a drink you enjoy while watching a game or when relaxing at the beach. In other words, it is a ‘casual’ drink. But there is a way to make it rather fancy. Meet Black Velvet, an old, yet fashionable drink that will help you celebrate anything in style.

Black Velvet is as easy to make as any other mixed beer drink. All you need is your favorite dark stout (for example, Guinness) and some Champagne. Mix equal amounts of both in a flute style (champagne) glass, and you have a vibrant, bubbly drink that will win the hearts of both beer and wine drinkers.

4. Corrido Prohibidos

So far, we’ve talked about beer cocktails that have no liquor at all. But that’s not the case with Corrido Prohibidos, a super fun drink that has both beer and tequila! So what’s the recipe for this drink? Pick up a Mexican brew you like and a Blanco tequila and mix them up in a preferred proportion. The resulting drink is extremely refreshing and tastes even better when the glass is rimmed with salt.

5. Watermelon Fizz

There is no better way to welcome summer than stocking up on a lot of watermelons. This fruit is juicy and packed with flavor and is perfect for eating when the sun outside is making you sweat. While watermelon itself is super refreshing, things get even better when you mix its juice with a light beer and lots of ice. The result is a lip-smacking Watermelon Fizz Cocktail!

To make this drink at home, you need some fresh watermelon juice, any light beer you like, and a tiny amount of lemon juice. Although the drink can be made without the addition of lemon juice, the combination of watermelon and lemon is pretty amazing. Lemon lends that slight tartness to the beer and watermelon and makes the cocktail even more refreshing, making it ideal for summers.

6. Peach Surprise

What happens when Bellini meets Michelada? Well, you get a dynamic beer cocktail called ‘Peach Surprise’ that’s pretty easy to make at home. The coming together of spicy chili salt and hot sauce on one hand and fruit and citrus flavors on the other lends this drink its vibrancy. Peach Surprise is a beer cocktail that we’d definitely recommend for a brunch with friends at home.

For this concoction, you need a proper bar spoon because it involves some stirring. Take a beer glass and line its rim with some chili salt. Next, put the spoon inside the glass and fill it up with ice. You need to now mix peach nectar (4.5 ounces approx.), lime juice (1.5 ounces approx.), vodka (0.75 ounces approx.), and a little Tabasco. Finally, stir the mix with the spoon and pour over any light beer before garnishing with a thin lime wheel (or peel).

7. Lilac Shandy

While we’ve had plenty a discussion about summer beer cocktails, what if you want a drink that can be enjoyed in the spring? Shandy may be the official beer cocktail for summers, but nothing beats Lilac Shandy in spring. This cocktail is very simple and can be easily made at home, but you need fresh lilac flowers, which are only available during this (spring) time of the year.

The main ingredient of Lilac Shandy is the lilac syrup that can be made by harvesting the lilac flowers and then soaking them in regular syrup. The resulting nectar is what lends the drink its pleasant sweetness. Quite a unique recipe, right? And very quick to make at home So, next time you have unexpected guests turning up at your house in the spring, you can whip up some Lilac Shandy for them. We’re pretty sure they’d love it.

8. Cucumber and Strawberry Spritzer

The name of this beer cocktail itself sounds so fresh, we are almost convinced that it would be a treat to have it in summer. If you like a hint of tartness in your drink, and a little bubbly, then the Cucumber and Strawberry Spritzer is perfect for you. This beer cocktail looks quite fancy but is pretty simple to make at home. So if you’re hosting a summer dinner or brunch, add it to your menu because your guests will love it.

To make the cocktail, muddle some strawberries and cucumber slices in a shaker thoroughly. Next, add some elderflower liqueur and gin to the mix and shake with ice. Strain this concoction into a suitable glass and add a light beer like Stella Artois. Use a strawberry slice of cucumber ribbon to garnish your vibrant spritzer!

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9. Beer Margarita

What? This is perhaps the question that popped in your head when you read the name of this cocktail. But you’ll come to know that a Beer Margarita is a legit drink that tastes absolutely amazing and can be made at home. It is especially recommended for those who love both margaritas and beer!

To make a Beer Margarita, you need lime slices, two bottles of beer (for six servings), a can of limeade concentrate (frozen), some tequila, a sour and sweet mix, and ice cubes. If you like, start by moistening the rim of your glass with a lime slice; you can use either cocktail or margarita glasses. Next, take a plate and sprinkle some salt on it, and dip the rim of your glass into the salt by holding it upside down. You can throw away the extra salt. Take a pitcher and mix the tequila, concentrate, sour and sweet mix, and beer. Pour into the glass that already has some ice and use a lime slice to garnish.

10. Mexican Michelada

We know that a Bloody Mary is a staple at any brunch scene. And there is a perfect reason for it; you can drink all year round, regardless of the season or weather! Have a bad hangover? Well, you simply need a Bloody Mary for breakfast because good old tomato juice will cure you.

Mexican Michelada, as the name goes, takes its inspiration from the flavors of Mexico, but it is made with tequila and beer rather than straight vodka. The word is that it is much easier to gulp down this cocktail as compared to a simple Bloody Mary. The reason is that it is lighter because it is made with Mexican lager. A traditional Bloody Mary, on the other hand, may have a slightly thick texture.

Start by wetting the rim of your cocktail glass with sliced lime. Then, make a mixture of some chili powder and coarse salt on a plate. Like how a standard Bloody Mary is made, the rim of your glass needs to be dipped in this spice-salt mixture to get a nice thick coating. Now, fill the glass with some ice cubes, and in a separate container, shake or mix some tequila, tomato juice, hot sauce, and lime juice. Make sure you thoroughly mix the ingredients so that they are completely blended.

In case you wish to add Worcestershire sauce or celery salt, this is the time to do it. Next, pour the tomato mix into your glass and top it off with your chosen Mexican lager. Give this mix a gentle stir, and finally, garnish the tip of the glass with a lime wedge.

11. Chelada

The coming together of lime and Mexican beer is nothing less than magic. They mix rather beautifully. If you’re tired of the regular lime wedge in a Corona bottle routine, then it’s time to welcome an amazing beer cocktail into your life- Chelada! This is hands down one of the easiest bar drinks to make at home and takes literally no time. You can use any of your favorite light lager beers to make an authentic Chelada (which, by the way, takes its inspiration from Mexico too). Get yourself a nice tall glass and add salt to its rim. Now, fill it up with ice before adding some lime juice. Pour in the beer and garnish the tip of the glass with a lime wedge. And you’re done!

12. Brown Punch

Okay, it’s time to introduce you to a totally different beer cocktail, one that has very warm and comforting flavors and might become your favorite winter drink. That’s right, beer in winter. To make the Brown Punch cocktail, you will need some grated nutmeg, honey-flavored lager, water, Brugal rum, allspice, cracked cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, a sliced apple, and some brown sugar. The ingredients might seem too many, but most of them would be easily available in your kitchen.

To make the Brown Punch, you first need to take out a reasonably large saucepan and put it on medium heat. Now, add the cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, cardamom pods, allspice, water, brown sugar, and apple slices in the pan and stir often so that the sugar is nicely dissolved. When you notice a gentle boil coming up, reduce the heat, and continue simmering the mix for another ten minutes. It’s now time to add the rum and lager and allow them to heat a little without reaching a boil. Finally, remove all the slices and pour the aromatic and warm cocktail into glasses (along with some apple slices).

13. Blackberry-Infused Beer Cocktail

If you like a hint of fruit in your drink, then this cocktail is worth a try. Again, this is a very easy cocktail to make at home that requires minimum ingredients. All you need is a bottle of chilled beer, some frozen or fresh blackberries, raspberry lemon concentrate, ice cubes, lemon slices, and vodka.

To make the Blackberry-Infused Beer Cocktail, you need a big pitcher to combine the vodka, blackberries, raspberry lemon concentrate, and beer. Stir the ingredients and serve with lots of ice. Don’t forget the lemon slices for garnish.

In a large pitcher, combine the beer, blackberries, lemonade concentrate, and vodka. Serve over ice and garnish with lemon slices.

14. Trojan Horse

Got a lot of Guinness lying in your stock? Well, don’t let it go to waste; instead, mix it up with a drink that hails from Great Britain. Like the other beer cocktails on this list, the Trojan Horse is super easy to make at home and a cool way to give your everyday beverage a twist.

Here’s an interesting fact – the secret ingredient of Trojan Horse gets hidden under cover of the Guinness. At first look, you could never guess that there is cola bubbling inside. The combination is very interesting, and the soda lends the drink a nice, gentle sweetness while also offering a jolt of caffeine. The Trojan Horse is one of the most popular drinks consumed in the U.S. during the summers. And you can easily make it at home as it requires only two ingredients – Coke and Guinness Stout. Take equal amounts of both beverages in a large glass. The flavor of cola is completely your choice. Pour the stout in the glass first, fill up to half, and just add the soda. Your Trojan Horse is ready! It’s probably the quickest and most energizing beer cocktail you’ll ever have.

15. Beer Espresso Martini

Love martinis, coffee, and beer? Well, combine all three, and you have a fantastic beer cocktail ready! There are a variety of different flavors that you will taste in the Beer Espresso Martini, and it is nothing like your regular martini. Both Frangelico and Aperol lend the cocktail even more flavor and make it kind of addictive. The drink is made with stout beer and doesn’t overpower any other flavors.

To make the Beer Espresso Martini, you need some coffee liqueur (about an ounce), Aperol (half an ounce), Frangelico (half an ounce), stout beer (one ounce), ice, and coffee beans. Take a shaker and combine the Frangelico, Aperol, coffee liqueur, and ice. Give this mix a nice shake and pour it into a glass (requires straining). Pour over the stout beer and use some coffee beans to garnish the drink. This is the perfect beer cocktail to serve after a meal because it’s got coffee liqueur. At the same time, it is not too sweet, as the bitterness of the beer balances the flavors.

So we just listed 15 different types of beer cocktails that you can easily make at home with simple ingredients already stocked in your kitchen. But the fact is that you can mix and match and create a hundred other such cocktails with your favorite flavors and beers. Go slow and try a new drink every week. Once you get the hang of making simple beer cocktails, your house parties will never be the same. Your guests will be impressed by your new skill as a bartender and might be inspired to create their own beer cocktails!

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