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10 Super Weird Beer Flavors Enjoyed Around The World

Microbreweries today have a huge challenge before them, as they need to go beyond their comfort zone of creating just an above-average beer. Microbreweries have to come up with innovative and unique flavors to get their name out there in the beer market, beat competitors and stay on top. There are enough beer lovers who want to try something different – well, ‘weird’ would be the right word.

Different countries with different cultures have different tastes. If what you want to do is to test your tongue or play a prank on your friend, here are ten weird brews from America and other countries, some of which are sure to knock you off your feet!

Weird Beer Flavors and Their Popularity

The complexity of flavors is what makes each beer unique, as every person perceives flavor differently. While you might delight yourself with a mug of weird tasting beer, your companion might stare at you in horror, as he or she finds the flavor repulsive! Each of us has higher or lower sensitivities to specific flavors. Depending on that, each one of us describes it as tasteful and distasteful.

Brewers have, for the past many years, been concocting exceptional flavors that will not cease anytime in the future. They experiment with traditional as well as nontraditional ingredients to churn out innovative beer recipes. While some beers stray only slightly from the usual formulations, many others choose to move to an altogether unknown territory with bizarre ingredients.

Different countries with different cultures have different tastes. If what you want to do is to test your tongue or play a prank on your friend, here are ten weird brews from America and other countries, some of which are sure to knock you off your feet!

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1. Hello Kitty Beer

Japanese company Sanrio created the super brand Hello Kitty. The brand, with a turnover of nearly $800 million a year, is known for the mass production of cute things for children. They offer everything from pencil cases, to cosmetics, to laptops.

However, the Hello Kitty stable raised quite a few eyebrows when Hello Kitty beer was launched in the market. Hello Kitty, brewed by Taiwan Tsing Brewing Company, wants to grab for the female market. The name had appeared before on a beer when the company, in 2009, got together with Becks for a one-off pink label. It is, however, the first time that the brand has gone all out on its own to launch beer for the adult market.

Hello Kitty will soon make its way to the U.S. The beer comes in a wide range of fruit flavors, and that includes apple, banana, and passion fruit. Fruit lovers like this sweet and fruity drink, as it has a smooth and refreshing aftertaste. The beer that comprises 2.3% alcohol can prove dangerous, as it is so smooth and fruity that you will not feel like you are consuming beer. Unlike the Belgium Ales that are made with fruits, Hello Kitty Beer tastes more like a fruit juice and has very little taste of alcohol.

2. Fudgie The Beer

Fudgie the Beer by Captain Lawrence Brewing Co. and Carvel® Ice Cream is a beer rich in chocolate like the cake everybody knows of. Fudgie the Beer has 6.0% ABV. The beer is brewed with chocolate crunchies, ice cream, and fudge, alongside sugar and milk. This beer has a smooth texture of creamy cocoa, complete with roasted crunchies.

Thanks to many Fudgie lovers who have very pleasant memories associated with the product, Captain Lawrence was able to sell out their beer collections at two different releases, in spite of the fact that they offered these cans only at the brewery. The company took a different approach for its third batch. Captain Lawrence held online pre-sales for their final batch, which was sold in 16-ounce cans (four packs) with a maximum limit of one case per individual.

3. Hvalur Beer

Hvalur Beer from Iceland tops the list of the ‘weirdest beers from around the world.’ The beer made of whale testicles and Icelandic water smoked in the dung of sheep is brewed in winter. The testicles of the whale give the brown beer its unique porter-like flavor. The sheep dung provides a smoke to the beer.

The Hvalur Beer is one of the most controversial beers in the world, with the 5.2% ale brewed specially for the Icelandic midwinter festival known as “Torri” (which is pronounced as ‘Thorri’). Animal activists have come down heavily on this beer, as it will affect the lives of the endangered fin whale species.

4. Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout

Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout (RMOS) is brewed by Wynkoop Brewing Company and launched in 2012. This beer, prepared with chopped and roasted testicles of bulls, has a pungent and meaty flavor. Made in tiny eight barrel batches by Andy Brown, Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout beer is brewed with roasted barley, Colorado base malts, 25 pounds of chopped and roasted bull testicles, seven specialty malts, and Styrian Goldings hops.

This beer with 7.5% ABV is a viscous stout with a unique brown and black color and intense taste of expresso, nuts, and chocolate. The newly launched hand-canned version of RMOS was sold in two packs of labeled 12-ounce cans.

5. Roasted Jalapeño Blueberry Porter

The Roasted Jalapeño Blueberry Porter is brewed with fresh Blueberry puree and roasted Jalapenos. The unique flavor and the blueberry aroma go well with the brown porter’s lightly toasted flavor.

The beer, with a strength of 5.5% ABV, is light, creamy, and not very spicy, even though it has pepper in it. It has a fruity and rich malt taste. It has a watery and slightly dry feeling with a strong dosage of carbonation. This beer has no jalapeno but with a unique blueberry fragrance.

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6. Crème Brûlée Stout

 Crème Brûlée Imperial Milk from the United Kingdom (U.K.) is a sweet milk stout style beer prepared by Lakewood’s (New York).

True to its name, Crème Brûlée is a stout that is brewed with fresh vanilla beans, unfermentable lactose sugar, and lots of roasted malts to give a smooth and caramel milkshake drinking experience. There is the use of blowtorch for preparing this beer.

7. Ghost Face Killah

Ghost Face Killah, with 5.2% ABV, is a ChiliBeer by Twisted Pine Brewing Company in Colorado. Some might find the taste of Ghost Face Killah very hot, as six chili peppers are brewed into it.

Apart from ghost pepper, it also has jalapeño, serrano, habanero, naheim, and Fresno peppers in this wheat ale. It is an ideal beer for ghost pepper lovers. It is extremely hot, and the reason behind it is the BhutJolokia, which is a chili pepper that originated in Northeast India. Twisted Pine made no more than 100 bottles of Ghost Face Killah beer.

8. Snake Venom Beer

Launched by Brewmeister from Scotland in 2013, the snake Venom beer is the strongest beer in the world. It is encased in a brown bottle wrapped with a cool green label. At 67.5% ABV, the Snake Venom beer is extremely dense and cannot be carbonated at all. Needless to say, it has a fiery finish and comes with a warning. It has flavors of bubble gum and caramel, among many others.

You cannot have more than a shot, as it is stronger than most liquor found in the market. Considering that most beers have an ABV less than 10%, the Snake Venom beer can be deadly due to its massive alcohol content. Customers are hence advised to be very cautious while taking these shots.

Sanke Venom beer is available across the world, and hence you will not find it difficult to lay your hands on a few bottles of this incredibly powerful beer. If you cannot find it in your local beer store, you can check the online alcohol beverage stores to grab a few of them. The challenge here lies in drinking this beer, and not buying it! People with any medical condition must abstain from consuming this beer.

9. Rainbow Beer

Mostly known for its bright-colored beers, Japan’s Abashiri Brewery has come up with blue Ryuhyo Draft, pink/purple Jyaga Draft, green Shiretoko Draft, and red Hamanasu Draft. This concept has to do with the four seasons in Japan’s Hokkaido, which is the northernmost island. The Abashiri is headquartered here. Hokkaido is located in the Okhotsk Sea and is situated between Japan and Russia.

The draft is prepared with melted icebergs that float every year past Hokkaido’s northern beaches. The bright blue hue comes from the extracts of the seaweed, and the same applies to the green Shiretoko Draft, which is inspired by the spring and uses fermented seaweed.

The ruby tinge of Hamansu Draft is from the fruit hamanasu fruit, also known as the shore pear. It symbolizes the wildflowers and blooms in the summer along the sea. The Jyaga Draft, on the other hand, symbolizes the fall harvest and is made with purple potatoes.

10. Saturday Morning Marshmallow IPA

Smartmouth Brewing from Virginia, U.S. uses cereal marshmallows and toasted marshmallows in Saturday Morning Marshmallow IPA. This beer made quite a few headlines in 2018. The beer was so much in demand that people were trying to resell the limited edition of this beer online in an attempt to make some quick bucks. This is the perfect drink for you if you love marshmallows. The drink is infused with marshmallows.

The Saturday Morning Marshmallow IPA will be available for beer-lovers at its Virginia Beach and Norfolk tasting rooms. Both the tasting rooms will be celebrating the March 7 re-release with extra releases of this beer, good music, and food. It will be distributed as cans and drafts across all stores and restaurants in Virginia. The cans this year will be new and more enticing.

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Beers have and will continue to play a crucial role in defining our social culture. The strangest and weirdest tasting beer is certainly not for everybody. It is only for those who have a taste for different, weird tasting beers. You will love it if you love trying beers that taste different and bizarre. Some beers listed here are not for the faint of heart. But it will certainly give you a kick and give you a feeling of accomplishment. After all, not everybody can gulp a mug of drink knowing that there are animal testicles, human pee, or sheep dung in the beer!

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